Benjamin Melamed

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Distinguished Professor
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100 Rock: Room 3149
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Ph.D., University of Michigan; Computer and Communications Sciences


Supply Chain Management; Stochastic Processes; Modeling, Analysis and Simulation


Operations Analysis; Supply Chain Management Strategies

Benjamin Melamed (PhD, University of Michigan, 1976) is a Distinguished Professor and a former Senior Associate Dean for Strategic Planning and Implementation—New Brunswick.  His research interests include supply chain management, supply chain financial management, and service chain management (including modeling, analysis, simulation and optimization), general systems modeling and performance evaluation, stochastic processes, traditional and hybrid simulation (discrete-event and fluid-flow paradigms), and decision support tools.

Melamed authored or co-authored over 100 papers and co-authored two books, and has published in a broad range of scientific journals, including Operations Research, Mathematics of Operations Research, Management Science, J. of Applied Probability, Advances in Applied Probability, J. of Stochastic Processes and their Applications, IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, Annals of Operations Research, Stochastic Models, Journal of Business Logistics, Performance Evaluation, J. of Optimization Theory and Applications, Nonlinear Analysis, JACM and QUESTA.

Melamed became AT&T Fellow in 1988 and IEEE Fellow in 1994.