Danielle Warren

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WP 1042
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Ph.D., Wharton School of Business; Management
M.A., Wharton School of Business; Management
B.S., Rutgers University


Global Business Ethics and Management

The main focus of Professor Warren’s research is constructive and destructive deviance in business organizations and the effects of social and financial sanctions on these behaviors. She is not only interested in examining what causes certain behaviors but also the standards used to judge conduct. Her empirical studies include an intensive multi-method examination of traders on the floor of financial exchanges, quantitative analyses of auto insurance fraud investigations, quantitative and qualitative survey research on social exchange (guanxi) in Chinese business, and experiments on deception at work. Her research appears in the Academy of Management Review, Accounting and the Public Interest, Business and Professional Ethics Journal, Business and Society, Business Ethics Quarterly, Business & Society Review, Group Decision & Negotiation, Journal of Business Ethics, Organization Science, Research in Organizational Behavior and numerous book chapters.