Ethical Leadership Conferences

2016 Ethical Leadership Conference

In the summer of 2016, without precedent, Rutgers University’s Office of Ethics & Compliance will join Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership in hosting this Conference. On July 24-26, leaders from multiple industries will explore ethical leadership through a broader lens, examining the values, skills, and institutional mechanisms that work in tandem to build and sustain an ethical culture in business, academic, nonprofit and government arenas. 


> Find out how “Big 10” Ethics and Compliance Officers are protecting their organizations – and what concrete steps they plan for the coming year.

> Discover how ethical behavior drives good business – and helps leaders create a more powerful, successful organization.

Who should attend:

Leaders from All Business Sectors, Academia, Nonprofits and Government.


You’ll get actionable, proven techniques to

  • Take compliance risk off the table

  • Instill and ethics-based culture


Space is strictly limited, to keep networking valuable.

For full conference agenda and tickets, click here.





Rutgers Producing a Major Ethics and Compliance Conference Featuring "Big 10," a United States Attorney, Ethics and Compliance Officers, and Business Leaders Diversity in Arts Leadership 

Addresses how "Big 10" and Business Risk Managers and Compliance Officers Protect their Organizations 

The Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership (IEL) and RU Office of Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics, and Compliance (ERM) will bring together “Big 10” University Risk Managers and Compliance Officers, experts and consultants in business ethics, and a US Attorney, among other prominent speakers for a conference titled “How to Build an Ethical Culture: Leadership’s Role.” The conference takes place in New Brunswick, NJ on July 25-26, 2016, with a Networking Event for all 2-day attendees, which kicks off the conference on the evening of July 24th.


Keynote speakers include: Michael Josephson (Josephson Institute of Ethics), and Paul Fishman (US Attorney, District of NJ) who will speak on the topic of how US attorneys chose to focus on specific fields or businesses; prominent cases handled by his office; and which industries are high priority – are universities an area of focus?


Joseph Murphy, CCEP (Author: 501 Ideas for your Compliance and Ethics Program) and Jack Hoban (Author: The Ethical Warrior) also headline the conference. Breakout sessions on a number of topics will be led by prominent professionals in the field of Ethics and Compliance.


The July 25th agenda includes break-out sessions on Building an Ethics Program from the Ground-Up; Healthcare and Compliance; and Research and Academic Integrity. The July 26th agenda includes break-out sessions on Managing Ethical Crises; Diversity and Inclusion; Title IX; and University Athletic Dilemmas.


The Planning Committee for this conference is comprised of the senior Risk Management, Ethics and Compliance Officers from the “Big 10,” many of whom will lead the break-out sessions. The 2016 Ethical Leadership Conference is sponsored by HCCS (a HealthStream Company) and Wells Fargo. For information on sponsorships, please email , for tickets, click here.