Nonprofit Leadership Development

The Prudential Foundation Nonprofit Executive Fellows Program

Dates: September to June 2017 – 2019, 20 Sessions

Program Fee: $1,000

Deadline: Applications due June 30.

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Sponsored by The Prudential Foundation, this is a transformative curriculum-based training and leadership development program expressly designed to help nonprofit senior executives achieve their full leadership potential. Over a two-year period, a cohort group, comprised of fifteen nonprofit leaders, meets once a month from September through June to take part in this unique and ground-breaking comprehensive approach to developing both personal and professional leadership skills and competencies. Each monthly five-hour session includes formal instruction provided by practitioners and field experts, as well as peer-to-peer discussions led by the group facilitator. In addition to the group work, each participant receives ongoing one-on-one coaching and emotional intelligence training. This program offers executives the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills while broadening their perspective on how to effect greater change for the sector. Upon completing the program, participants become members of the Fellows Alumni Network, a group of peers that meets several times annually. Through the network, program alumni continue to receive the long-term benefits of peer support as they work together on honing their skills and learning new approaches to solving issues.


Victoria Foundation Emerging Leaders Program

 Dates: September 2017 to August 2018, 12 Sessions

Program Fee: $600

Deadline: Applications due June 30.

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Victoria Foundation Nonprofit Emerging Leaders Fellows Program is an innovative and transformative approach to leadership training, acutely focused on increasing the number of highly effective nonprofit leaders who have the practical knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to lead their organizations and better serve their communities. The program combines time-tested elements and benefits of a structured curriculum, peer mentoring, one-on-one coaching, Emotional Intelligence assessment and training, and Life & Career Planning®, a proprietary tool that focuses on personal and professional growth through exploring one’s own values. The Program runs September through August, meeting one Wednesday a month.

NEW FOR 2017-2018! Participation is open to any nonprofit emerging leaders working within Newark. Applicants DO NOT need to be funded by the Victoria Foundation to apply to this program.


Nonprofit Executive and Emerging Leaders Certificate Program 

Dates: Fall 2017
Program fee: $2,000; Special Early Bird rate of $1,500 for applicants who apply early and are accepted.

Executive Track: is designed to give 18-20 nonprofit executives the tools to advance their knowledge and skills, increase their leadership capacity, gain credentials for enhancing their future, and reap the benefits of networking with experts and colleagues in the field. During a three-day intensive program, a distinguished group of presenters, comprised of Rutgers faculty members and nationally recognized practitioners, conduct in-depth presentations and engage in challenging and strategic discussions on a wide range of topics.

Emerging Leader Track: a three-day program, leads 18-20 mid-level managers, from both the for- and nonprofit sectors, who are interested in building their skills and developing their talents, through a rigorous and engaging curriculum that emphasizes personal and professional leadership skills development. Participants learn the nuts and bolts of what is entailed in effectively leading a nonprofit organization. Thanks to special funding from the American Express Foundation, there are also one-on-one coaching sessions as a follow-up to reinforce learning for Emerging Leaders. Sessions can be completed remotely to make access easier, particularly to participants traveling a distance to attend the program.


Non-profit Capacity Building Series

For Executives, Board Members and Emerging Leaders
Since 2007, the Prudential Foundation and Victoria Foundation have sponsored an annual convening of leaders through a variety of platforms (all-day conferences, speaker series, webinars, etc.) that focus on how to strengthen organizational core capacities, in addition to developing synergy between the CEO and the board.

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