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The Boston Globe
James Abruzzo, a compensation consultant to nonprofits who cofounded the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School, said that while Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston's move is not routine, the Internal Revenue Service permits nonprofits to do a "look back" to determine if their executives have been underpaid, and to make up the possible difference.
"Any time you make a payment like that, you should be ready to explain it," he added, "but if the board followed the correct steps, even though it sounds juicy, I can't say there’s something wrong with it."
Corporate raider Carl Icahn is worth an estimated $16 billion and he's President-elect Donald Trump's surprising choice as adviser for regulatory reform, an unpaid position to end so-called strangling regulations.
John Longo is a Rutgers Business School professor and the chief investment officer and portfolio manager for Beacon Investment Advisory Services.

"The barring of any business is not great for long-term growth of New Jersey. Carl Icahn is there to advise the president-elect on what can be done to increase business in general, so if one person, even if he's an insignificant player, is impeded from doing business in New Jersey, the overall state might do well with the lesser regulation or more efficient regulations," he said.
"Kevin's far-reaching experience in the real estate field, knowledge of the industry and strategic thinking make him an ideal fit as the executive director of The Center for Real Estate," Morris A. Davis, the Paul V. Profeta chair and academic director of the Center for Real Estate at Rutgers Business School, said in a prepared statement.
Yahoo Finance
Valeritas Holdings, Inc. (VLRX) announced today that Matthew Nguyen, PharmD, has been promoted to chief commercial officer (CCO) to lead the Company's efforts to accelerate adoption of the V-Go® Insulin Delivery device in the United States.
Dr. Nguyen earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and a Doctor of Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. He also completed a fellowship in health economics and outcomes research in conjunction with Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Janssen Pharmaceutica, Inc. and earned an MBA from Rutgers Business School.
"One thing I teach is when you’re on an interview, you want a person focusing on your eyes and your mouth. Not to be distracted by whatever adornment you have on your body," said Eugene Gentile, director of Undergraduate Career Management Office at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick.
USA Today
Many millennials simply want things removed or filled in because they are entering a new, more conservative phase of life. And well they should, says Eugene Gentile, director of the Undergraduate Career Management Office at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick.
But what Fontes buys and why were the subjects of Rutgers Business School’s Kristina Durante's study — in conjunction with the University of Miami — recently published in the Journal of Marketing Research.

Durante said, "I noticed that sometimes when I myself was feeling stressed I would sometimes want to eat a tub of ice cream or go out and do retail therapy and spend my money. Other times when I was stressed I noticed that I couldn't eat, I didn't have an appetite and I just wanted to be isolated and conserve resources."
Stacy Smollin Schwartz, marketing department instructor at Rutgers Business School, says free social media marketing has created an echo chamber where consumers are only exposed to those brands with which they already interact. “Those brands need consistent interaction levels in order to stay consistent in the conversation with their existing followers,” she says. “In order to reach new consumers and ensure that current followers see their posts, marketers will need to supplement their presence with paid advertising.”
Rutgers Today
"Rahul has the ability to rally a team and find ways to help everybody who is on his team," says Alfred Blake, assistant director of undergraduate entrepreneurship programs in the business school's Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development. "He is a true entrepreneur who can draw people in by helping them see the value in it for them."
Rutgers University - Newark News
The acquisition, completed this fall, gives RU-N a multimillion-dollar research center on the Hackensack River estuary along with a sizable research-grant portfolio. It also makes the school an important source of environmental data for state and federal agencies as MERI continues to advance critical scientific research in the Meadowlands region.
"Only when cyclically adjusted P/E (CAPE) is very high, say, CAPE is in the upper half of the tenth decile (CAPE higher than 27.6), future 10-year stock returns, on average, are lower than those on 10-year U.S. Treasurys," Valentin Dimitrov and Prem C. Jain wrote in paper titled "Shiller's CAPE: Market Timing and Risk" on Nov. 17.
Global Trade Magazine
"We see a tremendous need for supply-chain talent by employers," says Rudolf Leuschner, assistant professor and co-director of the online Master of Supply Chain Management program at Rutgers Business School in New Jersey. "They keep paying for students to come to our master's program. … I think there is a definite trend toward a specialized degree program such as Supply Chain Management. We haven't seen this type of growth in other programs."
Rutgers University, through its Rutgers Business School Center for Real Estate and Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, is offering a new graduate certificate in real estate development and redevelopment, it announced recently.
The Daily Targum
During the holiday season, consumers have less skepticism and a greater tendency to spend. This, combined with the rushed nature of online sales, can lead people to fall into internet scams. "People are happy and their guard is down,” said Ashwani Monga, a professor and chair of the Marketing Department at Rutgers Business School - Newark and New Brunswick. "They are in a mood to give to charity as well as spend on themselves and their friends and family."
N.J. Tech Weekly
On November 15, Rutgers Business School's Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) held its Third Annual Entrepreneurship Awards Ceremony and Etsy Craft Entrepreneurship Program graduation. The event auspiciously coincided with Global Entrepreneurship Week.
Rutgers Center for Real Estate, an academic program positioned to transform and inspire the next generation of real estate leaders, announces Jonathan F.P. Rose and Thomas Gleason as the keynote speakers for its upcoming conference The Mount Laurel Doctrine: Where We Are & What Happens Now? on December 15th.
Professor Farok Contractor, distinguished professor, management and global business, Rutgers Business School, said that an alternative to renegotiating trade deals is to give additional incentives to companies to increase US exports and thereby create more jobs in the US.
National Real Estate Investor
The opening of a new retail store or restaurant can quickly bolster a neighborhood, creating cascading benefits for the residents ranging from access to healthy food and convenient services to increased property values and safer streets. Here are six snapshots of how the opening of retail stores dramatically upgraded Chicago neighborhoods that had fallen on lean times.
Rutgers now is involved through its branch of Enactus, an international nonprofit that helps other nonprofits become self-sustaining. Rutgers students work pro bono so that they can learn real-world skills while doing good in the community. At present Popcorn For The People has about 15 students involved in different facets of the operation, from finance, to supply chain to sales and marketing.
Arturo Osorio, a professor at Rutgers Business School, said the impact would be felt in communities across New Jersey. “The conveyor belt of economy of goods and services in the U.S. will have a domino effect in the local economy," he told NJTV correspondent Brenda Flanagan.
Omaha World-Herald
Thousands of college students consumed root beer floats and advice from Warren Buffett at Piccolo's before the 20th Street restaurant closed last New Year's Eve. Now the lunchtime lectures for future business leaders have moved to 72nd and F Streets, where Anthony's Steakhouse becomes a classroom/dining hall for students eager to hear the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. chairman talk about business, the economy and life in general.
The Star Ledger
"Jobs, and in particular well-paying jobs, were clustered around Jersey City," said Kevin Riordan, executive director of the Center for Real Estate at the Rutgers Business School in Newark. "Jersey City and Hoboken always had attractive brownstones. The next level of development was to create vertical, or high-rise."
PR Newswire
Gerard Adams, the founder of social impact startup accelerator, FOWNDERS, and the founder of "Voice of Generation Y" publication Elite Daily, will be speaking at Rutgers Business School on November 30 at 6:30PM.
U.S. News & World Report
Investigate what recent grads are doing: Jeffrey Robinson, associate professor at the Rutgers Business School at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—Newark and New Brunswick, says prospective students should target b-schools whose grads are making an impact through social enterprise.
Bloomberg Businessweek
Our Full-Time MBA rankings comprise five elements. So it's possible to rank highly without knocking every category out of the park. For example, Stanford which is the No. 2 school on our list, ranked No. 57 for job placement. And Rutgers Business School landed at No. 52 on the list, but in job placement for its MBA students, Rutgers ranked No. 1.
Real Estate NJ
The academic director at Rutgers University's real estate program has been elected to serve on the board of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, the school announced. Morris A. Davis, the Paul V. Profeta Chair of Real Estate, will serve a three-year term that begins in 2017. The board appointment with the association, known as AREUEA, will allow Davis to network with fellow academic and industry leaders and foster continued research in the real estate sector to help guide decision making for years to come.
Rutgers Center for Real Estate, an academic program positioned to transform and inspire the next generation of real estate leaders, will continue its premier conference series hosting a landmark Real Estate Conference: The Mount Laurel Doctrine; Where We Are & What Happens Now? The conference will bring together leaders in policy making, government, law and real estate on both sides of the affordable housing issue to examine the tensions that currently exist between municipalities and developers.
In a study published in the Journal of Marketing Research in October, Durante and Juliano Laran at University of Miami find that stress leads consumers to save money in general but spend strategically on products they believe are essential.
Green and red are the traditional colors that signify the celebration of Yuletide and that Americans use to deck their halls for the holidays. But digital marketers who want to see more green and avoid the red on their sales charts, post-Thanksgiving, need to think less about mass appeal and instead stress better brand experiences via one-on-one engagement. In other words, package more emarketing customization to gift-minded shoppers in the form of personalized digital advertising.
Rutgers Executive MBA was ranked No. 15 for U.S.-only programs in the Financial Times latest rankings of the top 100 Executive MBA programs in the world. Rutgers EMBA graduates saw a 53 percent increase in their salaries three years after finishing the program - ranking No. 10 for "Salary Increase" for U.S.-based programs - highlighting the tremendous advantage Rutgers EMBA provided their careers.
In addition to providing MBAs with experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, an internship at Bayer is designed to allow MBAs to apply their innovation skills to making a difference in patients' lives. Suraj Adiecha is a Rutgers MBA student who decided to intern at Bayer after visiting the company for a presentation and learning that the company's values aligned with his own. In this interview, Adiecha discusses his experience interning with Bayer, including how building relationships helps get things done within the organization.
NJ Spotlight
New Jersey's future economic vitality is linked to entrepreneurial innovation, coordinating and leveraging resources, noted Michele Siekerka, president and CEO of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, at its recent Innovation Summit at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. "New Jersey was the Innovation State. New Jersey is the Innovation State," she said. "Collaboration between industry, academia, and government is essential." Rutgers Business School is part of Newark Venture Partners, which will soon take applications to fund a second round of companies.
The event recognized four CEOs as top innovators and leaders in their industry: Adenah Bayoh, founder and CEO of Adenah Bayoh and Companies; Kevin Cummings, CEO and president of Investors Bank; Paul Hoffman, CEO and president of Liberty Science Center; Gene Muller, founder and CEO of Flying Fish Brewing. The award presentations were followed by a panel discussion involving this year's honorees and moderator Edward Horton, partner at Citrin Cooperman.
The Christian Science Monitor
As Jerome Williams, marketing professor and provost of Rutgers University-Newark, told The Christian Science Monitor in a phone interview, the original purpose of targeted advertising was not to “exclude other groups” but to “concentrate your message to a particular group.”
Yale Global
Manufacturing jobs are no longer the basis of US prosperity. "Most advanced economies have become primarily service economies," they explain. "Rich countries are service economies, focused on finance, engineering, design and health care, and this is dictated by their comparative advantage."
The Daily Targum
Two years ago, a high school senior read a newsletter which inspired her to begin competing in pageants. Now, she wears the crown and sash of Miss New Jersey USA 2017. It took Chhavi Verg three pageants to achieve her dream of winning the title, though she had been dreaming of it since she was a junior or senior in high school. "If I can do this, anyone else can," she said. "It's all about determination, grit and never losing faith in yourself."
American Entrepreneurship Today
Steve Forbes highlighted some of the greatest business leaders of his generation in hopes of inspiring the next generation in a speech given at the State Theatre New Jersey in partnership with the Rutgers Business School on Sept. 25. The business school event that attracted close to 900 attendees from both the university and the surrounding community was part of an ongoing celebration of Rutgers' 250th anniversary.
A new academic study by professors from four esteemed universities applied News Quantified’s unique data to conclude that, when crucial financial news is released during extended stock market hours, returns are positively and appreciably associated with subsequent main trading session returns.
Asbury Park Press
Taxes managed to break through the noise of the campaign during Sunday's debate, when a voter asked the candidates what provisions they would support to ensure the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share. It highlighted one of the biggest policy differences between the two candidates. Donald J. Trump wants to lower the highest tax rate. Hillary Clinton wants to raise it.
Masters Thesis Writing
Have you been thinking about earning an MBA in marketing? First, you need to choose the right provider. Consider online learning as an alternative to attending classes in person. Online learning gives you access to programs you can not get locally which may be higher in quality or more prestigious. The cost of online learning is usually much less expensive, possibly placing an otherwise out of reach program within your grasp.
All Africa
Former Gov. Jim Florio and Rutgers faculty hosted a delegation of Namibian executives to identify mutual research solutions in energy, infrastructure, agriculture and finance. John McLaughlin of the McLaughlin Global Network facilitated the Sept. 19 visit with the Rutgers' Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs and Rutgers Business School. Kevin Lyons, a faculty member in Rutgers Business School, presented a supply chain model designed to mitigate risk and help direct cost-efficient operations.
"In 2016 many central banks have driven interest rates to near zero or even negative values. This has produced only a small discernible stimulus," Farok Contractor, distinguished professor of Management and Global Business, Rutgers Business School, told Salon. "This is an unhealthy situation on two counts. First, historically low interest rates have created asset bubbles around the world in real estate, stocks, and bonds. Worse, central banks now have little or no room for further maneuvers in monetary policy, should future crises arise requiring further stimulus."
Yahoo! Finance
If you automatically reach for a $39.99 sweater or load up on $11.99 albums on iTunes, you’re not alone. The strategy of ending prices with 99 cents has worked its magic on all of us. Merchants use a variety of strategies to get us to spend more — from labeling prices without dollar signs to setting a per-customer limit. These practices are used with all kinds of products, including clothes, food, toys, cars and houses.
The Daily Targum
Everyone fails, but not everyone can learn from mistakes and go on to succeed. That was just one of the lessons Forbes Magazine Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes presented Sunday at the State Theatre at Rutgers Business School's "Coming Home: Honoring our Heroes and Heritage" event.
University of Central Florida
I spent most of the week at Rutgers Business School attending a conference on the future of graduate business education. Usually I consider attending a conference a "win" if I leave feeling affirmed about what we are doing along with one good idea I can steal. I left this conference feeling affirmed with three good ideas I could steal. No doubt my team will be thrilled with today's "to do" list.
The Daily Targum
The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development offers classes at Rutgers Business School to help craft makers establish an Etsy shop to sell their products. "The program started by Etsy, they develop the curriculum and they find an Etsy seller who lives in the area and have them teach the course," said Becky Garcia, the instructor of the Rutgers class.
Crain's Chicago Business
Standing on the corner of 39th Street and King Drive on the site of the soon-to-open Mariano's in Bronzeville, Lyneir Richardson stares admiringly—not at the grocer's shiny new sign, but at the vacant lots across the street. "Look at those 'For Sale,' signs," he says. "They weren't there a few months ago. (The Mariano's store) is a catalytic type of investment. The question is, what other retail should be here that will help continue strengthening the neighborhood?"
The audit field is rapidly evolving. Changes such as the emergence of continuous auditing, data analytics, Big Data, and integration of information technology require auditors to have new approaches and to become proficient in information technologies and analytical methods.
Violence and poverty took center stage at a west Louisville forum on Wednesday. It was part of "The West Louisville Forum: Solutions for Urban American" held at the St. Stephen Baptist Church Family Life Center. The guest speaker was Dr. Nancy DiTomaso, professor from Rutgers University. Her research on the root cause of violence and poverty in urban areas might be controversial to some because she believes it starts with whites. "They use their family members, they use acquaintances, all of whom, of course, primarily look like them," Dr. DiTomaso said.
Wharton Business Radio
Mark Burgess, Rutgers Business School Executive Education faculty member, was a guest on the Wharton Marketing Matters Business radio show on Sirius XM (Sept 7th). He and his business partner and wife Cheryl, also co-author of The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill), were invited to lead discussions on social employee advocacy marketing and social leaders. The host was Catharine Hays, Executive Director of the Wharton Future of Advertising program.