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Wall Street Journal
Mack-Cali is on a mission to re-engineer the Harborside complex as a riverside destination for the city. The company has plans to add restaurants along the walkway and a ferry stop. It also is giving the property a $75 million face-lift and upgrade. "I think the concept now of turning the building inside out and marrying it to the environment to provide that seamless attachment is more current in thought in the last three to five years," said Kevin Riordan, executive director of the Center for Real Estate at Rutgers Business School.
Average repurchasing cycle of a smartphone (about every two years) is far shorter than average useful life of a typical smartphone (about 4.7 years). Moreover, consumers naturally expect to pay more for new and improved features in the new device, which allows the manufacturers to increase prices each year. No other industries can pull out the same trick.
The Daily Targum
Rutgers Business School was ranked among top 10 schools with the most diverse faculty in the United States, according to a survey conducted as a part of the Ph.D. Project, a project run by KPMG Foundation.
The Daily Targum
"As you can see, Rutgers Business School is No. 5 – tied with Michigan State University – among the Big Ten schools and ahead of many elite business schools mentioned in this ranking, including the University of California–Santa Barbara, New York University, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and Boston University," said Lei Lei, Dean of Rutgers Business School.
Asbury Park Press
"It's basically fraud," said John Longo, a finance and economics professor at Rutgers Business School in Newark and New Brunswick. "But if someone is anonymous, they might feel emboldened as a way of trading on it."
New York Times
"It is a culture that is not for everyone but not one that would dissuade me from investing," said John Longo, a finance professor at Rutgers Business School.
What Lyneir Richardson Has Learned About Failure and the Challenges for Minority Entrepreneurs
Lyneir Richardson wears two hats, as an entrepreneur and an academic. Since 2014, he’s been executive director of Rutgers Business School's Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, a program that supports women and people of color who are starting their own ventures.
Young Upstarts
Young Upstarts
One of the tricky areas to get right in today's world is the balance between being connected to work through our wireless devices and protecting some pure time off. By now, this is probably a familiar tension for nearly everyone — while being able to keep tabs on work even while out of the office creates some impressive freedoms, it also strips us of having any reliable down-time, as emails and messages creep into our nights, weekends, and even vacations.
Fast Company
Fast Company
With Silicon Valley embroiled in the culture wars, some are looking beyond it for new–and faster–means of narrowing the racial wealth disparity.
Rutgers' Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services (OVMPS) collaborates with departments throughout the business school—and beyond—to ensure a "smooth transition and supportive environment" for student veterans.
Steve Adubato "On The Air"
Steve Adubato sits down with Janice Warner, Ph.D., Rutgers Business School '07, Dean of the School of Business and Digital Media at Georgian Court University, to hear why she decided to incorporate digital media studies into the business school and how multimedia and communications can go hand in hand with business and e-commerce.
MBA Crystal Ball
According to a survey by US News and World Report, three of the ten schools that have the highest job-placement figures for 2016 (full-time MBA) are not among the top 50 of the US News’ 2018 Best Business Schools (BBS) rankings.
"The design of the card can be 'cool,' beautiful or interesting, when you happen to catch it coming in or out of your friend's wallet, but I think what makes it 'cool' enough to proactively share with a friend is it mobile experience," said Stacy Smollin Schwartz, professor of marketing, Rutgers Business School.
New Jersey Monthly
"They're doing a lot of things right," says John Impellizzeri, director of the Center for Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School. He predicts Boxed will be a huge success. "A large portion of the population has to drive 20 miles to a Sam's Club, so at some point the 55-year-old mom or dad will say, 'Do we really want to drive 40 miles and pay a membership fee?'"
Harvard Law School Forum
Populist anger in the U.S., Europe, and Australia has triggered an ongoing debate about whether executives receive excessive compensation, and if so, how to control it.
Metro MBA
Kevin Riordan, the Executive Director of the Center for Real Estate at the Rutgers Business School recently moderated a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) panel entitled "Destination Havana," which explored "how the changing economic, political and social landscape will impact the country’s developing real estate and infrastructure."
Metro MBA
At Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick, there are a number of degree programs that can be paired with an MBA, giving students the chance to take their business training into a variety of fields.
"Having an engaged advisory board and emerging leaders council of the best and the brightest in commercial real estate allows us to develop cutting-edge curriculum, provide internships and job opportunities for students in the program, and create relevant conferences and events," Carl Goldberg of Canoe Brook Management, co-chairman of the executive committee, said.
Thrive Global
Connectedness brings so many joys.
Of course, with all of the benefits come burdens.
Enter the new era of relationship overload, where it begins to feel like everyone you've ever met wants a piece of your attention through a nonstop fire-hose of requests. These requests compromise not just our sanity, but also our safety.
Bill Quiseng
Often no one person within a company owns customer experience – and that’s how it should be. The CEO can lead it, but everyone within the company should be focused on customer experience.
NJBIZ has revealed the 2017 winners of one of its most popular awards: the Forty Under 40. These up-and-coming stars of the New Jersey business community have achieved professional excellence at a young age, representing the future of their industries and the state as a whole.
The CPA Jounal
By Miklos A. Vasarhelyi, PhD and Ting Sun
This article introduces deep learning technology - an emerging form of artificial intelligence that can be trained to recognize patterns in vast volumes of data that would be impossible for humans to process.
The CPA Journal
Blockchain, a public, decentralized ledger first used to enable bitcoin trading, has the potential to serve as a secure accounting information system.
U.S. News & World Report
As more people shop online, changes in technology have opened up new doors for potential careers in supply chain management.
Blue Focus Marketing
In content marketing, the similarities are readily apparent. Unlike baseball, whose basic rules have gone essentially unchanged over the years, content marketing is in a constant state of flux.
The Star Ledger
A street-level, block-long space that incorporates a vast skylight from the old Hahne & Company department store, the sunlit passage marking a different approach to urban renewal.
New Jersey Business
John Longo is chief investment officer of Beacon Trust, a Morristown-based wealth manager, and a professor of finance at Rutgers Business School. He has led students on four separate occasions to a personal meeting with Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska.
Carl Goldberg, a veteran New Jersey developer who is a managing member of the Rutgers Business School Center for Real Estate, comments on affordable housing requirements in Newark real estate development.
The Newark City Council is scheduled for a vote Wednesday night on a rule requiring 20 percent of large residential projects be set aside for people with low and moderate incomes to keep housing affordable.
“When you think about fast fashion, it’s not of the highest quality. We’re talking about materials that aren’t made in nature in some cases like polyesters and a whole host of chemicals made for things that are iron free. They don’t tell you how or why but it’s formaldehyde that makes the material non-ironable.
CEOWorld Magazine
The 2017 rankings compiled by CEOWORLD magazine placed Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick 7th in the nation.
Asbury Park Press
Asbury Park Press
Terri Kurtzberg associate professor in the Management & Global Business department at Rutgers Business School got her daughter, Jillian, a smart phone for her 12th birthday, and asked her what she would do with it when she becomes old enough to drive.
Jillian said she knew; no texting and driving.
"I said, 'No. The rule is, the phone is going to have to be in the trunk,'" Kurtzberg said. It is that strong a pull if the thing is next to you and it goes off."
YaleGlobal Online
The angst is real, though politicians grossly overstate diagnoses by blaming international trade, offshoring of production and immigrants taking jobs. For every one U.S. job lost through international trade from 1980 to 2016, researchers conclude that about four jobs have been lost because of automation, robotics, information technology and other productivity boosters.
Globe Newswire
Peter Marchesini, Chief Operating Officer of Alamo Pharma Services, will participate in CBI's sixth annual "Bio/Pharma Product Forecasting and Analytics Summit" taking place in Philadelphia on June 15 and 16, 2017. The focus of the summit is to help attendees improve forecasting to optimize revenue potential for pipeline and inline products.
India Abroad
Chhavi Verg has proven yet again that perseverance and determination are the keys to success. On May 14, Verg, 20, who won the Miss New Jersey title last October, became first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant, which was won by Miss D.C., Kara McCullough.
Trenton Times
"They want to send a signal that you can't mess with us," said Michael Barnett, professor of Management and Global Business at Rutgers Business School. "You can't get away with attacking them."
Live Mint
News about the coming death of India's information technology (IT) services industry started to trickle in about five years ago. KPMG broke the news of "the death of outsourcing" in a white paper in July 2012.
Despite such prognostications, there is also optimism about the prospects of India's IT services industry for the coming decade.
However, not all firms will do well, or even survive, in the new, hyper-competitive global business environment.
The Philadelphia Citizen
"Black-owned businesses are not on a level playing field," says Jerome D. Williams, Prudential Chair in Business as well as executive vice chancellor and provost at Rutgers University-Newark. "A lot of studies I've done show that black-owned businesses and black consumers are at a disadvantage in the marketplace."
Business credit cards are great for earning rewards in important spending categories, such as office supplies and telecommunication services. They also provide helpful expense tracking features and allow you to give employees cards with custom spending limits.
NBC News
A crowdfunded start-up is hoping to provide an answer to a transportation problem in refugee communities in Pakistan when it comes to accessible, reliable, and affordable means of getting around.
"People view transportation as luxury item when it comes to refugees, but it's actually a necessity," Gia Farooqi, co-founder of Roshni Rides, told NBC News.
Thrive Global
Being connected to the office from home feels like a miracle until you realize that your colleagues now count on you to answer every request or comment on every message clear around the clock, and your work time swells while your time with your family shrinks.
Do you believe Memorial Day has become too commercialized?
Ashwani Monga, professor and chair of the marketing department at Rutgers Business School
This Memorial Day, people are more likely to think about what to buy than to think about those who laid down their lives for the country.
EContent Magazine
Gen Z—a key demographic born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s—comprises 27% of the global population, commands $44 billion in purchasing power, and represents the first true generation of digital natives. But your efforts to reach them via digital ads could fail miserably, new research suggests.
"In today's uncertain, intertwined, complex global environment, businesses are desperately seeking ways to increase velocity, reliability, resilience and efficiency of their supply chains," said Professor Alok Baveja, who is chair of the Rutgers Business School Supply Chain Management Department.
The Daily Targum
Rutgers Business School—New Brunswick has been awarded the Gold Chapter Award by the Beta Gamma Sigma international honor business society, making it the No. 1 ranked chapter in the world out of 544 business schools.
Rutgers Today
"I want to pay it forward," she says. "I want to help inner-city students get exposure to professional settings and to let them know you can be so much more than you're seeing in your immediate environment."
When Sarah Rumbaugh enrolled at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business in 2013, she planned to launch her own business soon after graduation. The MBA, she figured, would provide her with the skills to help her do that and build a network of contacts.
"The reason for the shift in my POV is the current shaky state of American retail. To say that the robust shopping industry that so many of us fell in love with is under siege is an understatement."
For the first time, Rutgers Business School will have a woman holding an endowed chair, it announced Monday.
Simi Kedia, a member of the finance and economics faculty who has held the rank of full professor since 2012, will now hold the Albert R. Gamper Chair in Business, the university said in a news release.
New York Times
Congratulations to this year's award-winning students and to all of our 18,000 graduates.
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