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BBC World Service
BBC World Service
Cities across America are competing to host Amazon's second headquarters. Will it be worth it?
Lyneir Richardson, instructor of professional practice and executive director of The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) interview begins at 4:30 of the recording.
Parsippany Focus
Parsippany Focus
“We are delighted to provide students at CCM a top-ranked Rutgers Business School education to help them launch their careers,” said Dr. Lei Lei, dean. Rutgers Business School is highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report, Poets & Quants and the Princeton Review.
“The advantage of programs like this is to help students, who face many challenges going to college, make the transition to a four-year school. This partnership with CCM facilitates that,” said Dr. Jerome Williams.
“Facebook provides an easier way for users to stumble upon content, making it ideal for marketers to launch a new product or campaign that the target audience wouldn’t know to proactively seek out,” says Stacy Smollin Schwartz, marketing professor at Rutgers Business School.
But according to Arturo Osorio-Fernandez, an expert on small business and assistant professor at Rutgers Business School, changes to the ACA could make health care inaccessible to some entrepreneurs and their families.
Innovation and the creation of new business might not be able to be entertained because its either that or a doctors visit.
Recruiting Daily
Recruiting Daily
A so-called “new” recruiting philosophy or paradigm needs to emerge where we consider hiring smart people with skills that are transferrable — even if it is from another industry.
John “Johnny” Torrance-Nesbitt, Rutgers MBA '88, is an award-winning Global Recruiting & Employer Branding executive.
City of New Brunswick
Volunteers from Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting and Finance Honors Society at Rutgers, will help taxpayers file online, by appointment only, on Fridays and Saturdays from February 2 to April 7, 2018.
New Jersey Business
New Jersey Business
Atlantic Stewardship Bank, announced the appointment of Mark Van Grouw to assistant treasurer/assistant vice president of ASB’s accounting department.
Van Grouw has a Masters of Accounting from Rutgers Business School and is a CPA in the state of New Jersey.
The Daily Targum
The Daily Targum
Since 2015, a group of Rutgers alumni, headed by Jim Simos, meet once a year and distribute wreathes to deceased veteran alumni at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. as part of the tradition of the national Wreaths Across America organization.
The Daily Targum
The Daily Targum
Chris Buren, founder and president of RutgersBit and a first-year student in the Rutgers Business School, said that the goal of the club is to teach all members of the Rutgers community about cryptocurrency and blockchain.
Poets & Quants for Undergraduates
Poets&Quants for Undergrads
The common goal is to fill the pipeline with the best talent and groom and entice students to join an organization once their degree requirements have been completed.
Rutgers Business School Internship rates for the Class of 2017 before senior year: 72.9%.
CBS Phylly
CBS Philly
“Once the new governor is briefed and really understands, I believe it’s something the new governor would support because of all the economic benefit developments over time,” said Lyneir Richardson, Instructor of Professional Practice and Executive Director of The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) at Rutgers Business School.
Martin Luther King Intermediate School students learned about entrepreneurship from their High School Heroes recently.
Trained by Rutgers Business School Professor of Finance Ron Richter and Stephanie Rae Chou of Junior Achievement, and followed by hours of preparation and practice, the High School Heroes delivered standards-based financial literacy lessons to almost 500 fourth and fifth grade students.
U.S. News & World Report
U.S. News & World Report

Lyneir Richardson, a professor of entrepreneurship at Rutgers Business School and executive director of the Rutgers University Center for Urban Entrepreneurship, says an MBA program with faculty who have real-world business experience is ideal.

"Professors who have battle scars and war wounds bring color commentary to the reading and assignments and are invaluable to students," he says.
MBA applicants often compare the rankings of various business schools before they decide which they want to target. But experts say these same applicants often forget to consider another critical factor: which schools' teaching methods are the best fit for their learning style and career goals.
Asbury Park Press
Terri Kurtzberg is co-author of a new book called Distracted: Staying Connected without Losing Focus, arguing that workers have become addicted to the nonstop Twitter feeds, news alerts, texts and emails on their mobile phones. And their brains aren't equipped to handle it.
Recruiting Daily
Recruiting Daily
You could begin with Facebook and Twitter. They can help you recruit more diverse candidates and also spread your diversity brand message.
This could be an effective channel for tweeting out your firm’s programs, processes, awards and accomplishments in Diversity and Inclusion.
John “Johnny” Torrance-Nesbitt, Rutgers MBA '88, is an award-winning Global Recruiting & Employer Branding executive.
CBS News
CBS News
Years of steady hiring and economic growth have delivered a cumulative benefit for at least one group that hasn't always shared in America's prosperity. The unemployment rate for African-Americans fell to 6.8 percent in December, the lowest level since the government began tracking such data in 1972.

Q. Why is the African-American unemployment rate higher than the rate for whites?

Nancy DiTomaso, a business professor at Rutgers University, says her research has found that whites likely benefit from networks of family and friends that don't intentionally exclude blacks or other minorities. Yet, nevertheless, their networks have the effect of helping whites get jobs more readily than blacks.
Growing out of Professor Jonathan Eckstein's twenty years' experience teaching courses on management information systems (MIS) at Rutgers Business School, this book fills this gap in the literature by providing a rigorous introduction to relational databases for readers without prior computer science or programming experience.
Poets & Quants for undergraduates
When a student is the first in their family to attend college, the pressures not to disappoint are immense, and the stresses pulling them apart are many. To help these students have a fair chance at success once they have been accepted into business school, there are many ways in which institutes provide support throughout their educations to guide them to graduation.
The optimal scenario is to pay your credit card off in full each month, regardless of the rate. If you are not able to do so, then you should consider the use of a card with a "teaser" rate, that has abnormally low interest rates for a period of up to 2 years.
Singapore Times
Dr. Farok Contractor, distinguished professor in the Management and Global Business department and a lecturer in the Rutgers Business School Executive MBA program said: “Very simply, the role of managers at senior executive levels involves top level strategy and leadership, which has to integrate concepts and personnel across the various departments and divisions of a firm. Such integrative skills cannot be taught online.”
Inbound Logistics
“We offer a great program in those eight jam-packed days, so students come out enthused about what supply chain management can mean for them,” John Impellizzeri explains. “We show even those who are interested in sports, media, and music how supply chains relate to any interest they might have.”
“It’s not the sexy area of banking, but students walked away from the class saying ‘I didn’t know it would be so interesting,'” said Ron Richter, a Rutgers professor who teaches a class on working capital management. He helped establish the Citi tie-up alongside Michael Fossaceca, Citi’s head of treasury and trade solutions in North America.
Hotel Yearbook 2018
The hospitality industry has finally embraced the challenge of tackling sustainability, with most hotel groups believing that operating a sustainable company is not just "a nice thing to do" but the new way of doing business, say Rutgers Business School's Matthew Walsman and Cornell's Rohit Verma.
The saying is that ‘Cash is King,’ but in my view, the saying should be ‘Cash Flow is King.’ Ultimately, I had to sell the assets of my company at a discount, and I went out of business.”
New Jersey Business
New Jersey Business
"Across the U.S., 96 percent of the land is available for development – it's just not where it needs to be," said Morris Davis, academic director of the Center for Real Estate at Rutgers Business School. "This is particularly true in New Jersey."
Daily Record
Trump's statement on Monday was perhaps the last straw for many political observers and Trump foes, if not GOP primary voters. The billionaire businessman called for a complete "shutdown" of Muslims entering the United States "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on" with terrorism.

Ashwani Monga, professor and chair of the Marketing Department at Rutgers Business School, said Trump threatens further damage to his personal brand. He notes, however, that Trump only seems to care about one core group right now — those who support his primary campaign.
The Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School has announced eight Institute for Ethical Leadership Research Fellows. The full-time Rutgers Business School faculty members conduct research and/or teaching in areas related to business ethics, leadership ethics and corporate social responsibility.
American City & County
"There are millions of businesses throughout the country," says Jeffrey Robinson, a professor of management and entrepreneurship at the Rutgers Business School.
"And then of course, they get concentrated in cities and urban areas because there's more people there, there's more commerce and activity taking place there."
Metro MBA
MBA graduates looking to apply their skills to a fast-growing and high-paying career may be interested in pursuing a role in Pricing Analysis. Named among the 100 best jobs in America by CNN.
Poets & Quants for undergraduates
The ultimate test of a business school for many students, however, may well be something that meets an even higher standard: Leveraging your educational experience to land a job in a specific company you really want to work for.
The Daily Targum
Veteran undergraduate students make up roughly 4 percent of the student body. Because of this, the Rutgers Business School now offers a Mini-MBA: Business Management for Military and Veterans program that serves veterans, transitioning military personnel, ROTC students and undergraduate students returning from military service, according to RBS's site.
Margaret O' Donnell, the program manager with Rutgers Business School, said the program is customized for veterans transitioning into the workforce, helping them make sound business decisions in their careers.
Mark Schaefer Grow blog
Let's look beyond the obvious trends at some developments percolating below the surface that will impact marketing in 2018 and beyond.
Real Estate NJ
"Our comparative advantage is why we're out of space," said Morris Davis, academic director and Paul V. Profeta chair at the Rutgers Center for Real Estate. "There is an opportunity in New Jersey. It's a massive growth opportunity, but how do we take advantage of it?"
The most important aspect of leadership, Tara Dowdell said, is the ability to inspire and empower.
The Daily Targum
Can Uslay, an associate professor of Marketing, director of Special Projects of the Rutgers Business School (RBS) and organizer of the Business Leader Speaker Series, said the goal of the series is "to expose our students to a variety of pathways to success."
YAHOO! Finance
TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, today announced the appointment of Nick Miceli to Regional President, Florida. Miceli will oversee TD Bank's commercial, retail, small business, specialty banking operations and lending services throughout the state.
Tom Szaky, the founder of TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based garbage startup, has built a $24 million business around the belief that everything is recyclable.
It starts with an evaluation of cost during a product's complete life cycle, said Kevin Lyons, a professor of supply chain management at Rutgers Business School.
For those who have attended world-class MBA programs, pay bumps are verifiable, and substantial.
In the most recent Financial Times Global MBA ranking, for instance, MBA graduates from Rutgers Business School reported that three years after graduation, they had increased their salaries by 130 percent, on average.
Ivy Exec
Third in the list is the Rutgers Executive MBA program from the Rutgers Business School in New Jersey, with 22% of students from the pharma, biotech, and healthcare fields. Especially created for busy executives, this 20-month program is a suitable learning option for healthcare managers and executives who want to remain working while studying for an MBA.
The Conversation
What many Americans don't realize, however, is that the story of those early settlers' struggle, which culminated in what we remember today as the first Thanksgiving feast, is also a tale of globalization, many centuries before the word was even coined.
The Star Online
Tencent Holdings senior executive vice president [and Rutgers Executive MBA alumnus] SY Lau said Malaysian academic institutions must play their part in producing new research findings, amid the rapid growth of the fourth industrial revolution.
For all the campaign talk about funding pensions, sanctuary cities and legalizing marijuana, the business community knows one issue will dictate the success or failure of the next governor’s administration: economic development and job creation.
Newark Patch
A new report unveiled by Rutgers Business School reports that minority-owned businesses seeking small business loans are treated differently than their white counterparts, despite having identical qualifications on paper.
Legal Theory Blog
Post-merger appraisal rights have become the focus of heated controversy in mergers and acquisitions law in recent years. Though traditionally perceived as an arcane and cabalistic proceeding, the appraisal action has gained prominence through the ascendancy of appraisal arbitrage—whereby investors purchase target-company shares shortly after an announcement solely to pursue appraisal.
New Jersey 101.5
Sandy Becker, professor of marketing at Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick and Newark, says the original purpose of Black Friday — to bring extra traffic into stores and malls — has not changed.
New York Post
For all the high-tech wizardry, kids' motivations for cheating are pretty old-fashioned. Don McCabe, a Rutgers Business School professor who researched test scammers, spoke to the Denver Post about students' justifications for their high-tech deceptions.
Big business is investing in water security at record levels. Colgate has found that the 'true' cost of water is 2.5 times more than the purchase cost. The company uses a 'True Cost of Water Toolkit', developed with Rutgers University Business School and its Supply Chain Management Program.
At Rutgers Business School in New Jersey, for example, 35% of last year’s cohort went to work in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, by far the largest contingent, says Dean Vera, director for MBA career management, citing a desire to make an "impact" as the main motivation.
Kurland is associate dean of undergraduate programs at Rutgers Business School in Newark.
"I think one of the biggest challenges that our district is facing is not unique to us, instead it is a challenge for our entire educational system," said Robert Kurland, who is the current BOE president. "That challenge is to prepare our educators' mindset and approach to teaching our children to be ready and successful for 21st century learning."