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In the 2017 CNBC Stock Draft, Karn Dalal: The Rutgers All-Stars choose their second-round draft pick: Pfizer (PFE)
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Elayne McClaine, regional director of the N.J. Small Business Development Center at Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick, said franchises offer more than just a roadmap.
"It’s also an opportunity for the competitor to be viewed as one of the many brands to be considered," said Sandy Becker, who teaches marketing at Rutgers Business School.
Lyneir Richardson, the executive director of the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development at Rutgers Business School, says it’s time to ditch training programs for specific jobs in favor of entrepreneurship guidance that gives strivers the tools to start businesses or side hustles.
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Overall, 49 schools participated in our 2nd annual “Best & Brightest.”
On the 2017 list are students Lauren Kelly and Zoe Makropoulos from Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick and Chanel Clarke and Jorge Paneque from Rutgers Business School-Newark.
The Newark Times
The Newark Times recently sat down with Dr. Bonita Vesey and Alexander Sannella, an associate professor at Rutgers Business School-Newark to learn about the new P3 Collaboratory (Pedagogy, Professional Development, and Publicly-Engaged Scholarship)being implemented in conjunction with Association of College and University Educators to take a new approach to professional development among students and the professoriate.
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Orangi Town is a community of over 1,000,000 inhabitants, mostly refugees, in northwestern Karachi, Pakistan.
The crowded area is plagued by a variety of problems. Among the most pressing is access to clean, reliable, affordable transportation, leaving citizens with few options when they need to get to work, school, markets, hospitals and other crucial resources.
A team of Pakistani-American Rutgers Business School students – and one alumnus – is looking to change that with the rollout of their company Roshni Rides, which aims to provide electric-powered rickshaw transportation service to Orangi Town.
Marc Kalan, Rutgers Business School assistant professor of marketing, said it's an interesting concept what Macy's is doing, opening an outlet store within an existing store.
"If it draws traffic into the base store, it's a clever and good idea," said Kalan, adding that retail stores still face challenges from big-box and online retailers.
Every scroll and click: websites, movies, shopping, your bank, even your doctor. When you go online, your internet service provider, or ISP, will be allowed to track every move.
But you rarely get more than one option for broadband internet service. You're stuck and privacy will be out of your control, says Rutgers Business School marketing professor Ashwani Monga.
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Founded by Ralph Shulberg, Rutgers Executive MBA ’15, Smartbulance is an economical and efficient repair service for smartphones.
Khaleej Times
Rutgers Business School Executive Education is conducting a two-day Digital Bootcamp at the Media Rotana in Dubai. This program, offered by Rutgers Business School in partnership with Know How Training & Consultancy and Hibiscus Media Group (both Abu Dhabi-based companies) will be held on April 11 and 12, 2017.
The Hill
What do the three wealthiest entrepreneurs in the United States — Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett — have in common? Likely, not a single penny of income tax will be paid on their appreciated stock. Ever.
The Huffington Post
Rutgers University is located in a region where transportation is rampant. What about communities who do not have this luxury? I have a strong notion that Roshni Rides may be the solution and will be making a big impact internationally.
A team of Rutgers Business School students won the CME Group Trading Challenge, beating out nearly 600 other teams. The students doubled its money in the futures market and crushed the competition to win one of the world's biggest financial championships.
Asbury Park Press
How will President Donald Trump’s promise to renegotiate trade agreements to make them more favorable to American businesses and workers affect New Jersey?
Rutgers Today
A team of Rutgers Business School students and one alumna won first prize in the regional Hult Prize Challenge with an idea of operating a system of electric-powered rickshaws in refugee settlements.
American Entrepreneurship Today
The students are the first team from Rutgers to win the regional competition in Boston.
A team of Rutgers Business School students and one alumna won first prize in the regional Hult Prize Challenge with an idea of operating a system of electric-powered rickshaws in refugee settlements.
The Daily Targum
A team of three Rutgers Business School students and one alumna have made history when they became the first winning regional champions from Rutgers University in the Hult Prize competition.
Marc Kalan, Rutgers assistant professor of marketing, said it's an interesting concept what Macy's is doing, opening an outlet store within an existing store.
"If it draws traffic into the base store, it's a clever and good idea," said Kalan, adding that retail stores still face challenges from big-box and online retailers.
"The whole retail sector is feeling challenged," he said.
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Lyneir Richardson is a full-time faculty member at Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ. He is leading new programs focused on helping minority entrepreneurs get capital from public sources and private investors in his role as Executive Director of the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED), a research and practitioner oriented center at Rutgers University.® and the Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) are pleased to sponsor the third annual 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars Recognition Program.
Karen Kessler, the founder and president of Evergreen PR, has been named the chair of the executive business cabinet at the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School, the institute announced.
Since 2000, one-third more women than men have graduated college, a topic Jon Birger explored in his book DATE-ONOMICS. With greater education comes greater income: Wages for U.S. women age 25-34 have risen 13% since 1980 whereas men's have fallen 20%.
U.S. News & World Report
U.S. News & World Report
Among the nation's best business schools, Rutgers Business School in Newark and New Brunswick tied for No. 50 with the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.
Rutgers Business School seniors Gia Farooqi, Hasan Usmani, Moneeb Mian and alumna Hana Lakhani — who are all Muslim — pitched Roshni Rides to the international social entrepreneurship competition Hult Prize for a $1 million prize.
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"Coffee is the intro. It's the opportunity to leverage the power of the coffee, the power of the caffeine, the taste, the convenience and the flexibility it may have with the hope that folks will come back and buy other higher margin, higher profit products," said Sandy Becker, professor of marketing at Rutgers Business School.
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"The cost of a liquor license in those areas could be $500,000 or more, so the problem is there's no mechanism to enable budding restaurant owners to acquire a license at a reasonable price in areas where there's clearly a demand for restaurants," said Morris Davis, director of the Center for Real Estate at Rutgers.
Experts say African-Americans and Latinos have been unable to network in the same financial circles as others. It's a problem Wall Street has recently focused on.
"Less than 2 percent of all technology startups are led by black or Latino individuals," Lyneir Richardson, executive director of Rutgers' Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, said.
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On this edition of "This is Jersey with Gary Gellman," they report on the 80th Annual New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce Walk to Washington.
During the train ride to Washington, DC, Andy Gogates, corporate relations manager, Rutgers Business School MBA program, is interviewed: begins at 11:17 into the video.
The Institute for Ethical Leadership at the Rutgers Business School announced it has appointed Dr. Joanne B. Ciulla its newest academic director.
The Black and Latino Tech Initiative, a collaborative program with the goal to aid early-stage companies with black and Latino co-founders with viable business models, will launch this week in Newark, organizers said.
Black Enterprise
On March 2, Rutgers Business School's Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development will hold its Black and Latino Tech Initiative Launch (BLT).
I would recommend people get a credit card with a low limit (e.g., $500), as soon as they understand the fundamentals of money and banking. Having a credit card and using it responsibly can help you develop a credit score.
Parsippany Focus
M&T Bank and Rutgers Business School have launched a new partnership for the second annual Rutgers Business School New Jersey County College Case Competition, with M&T serving as the presenting sponsor of this year's competition.
On The Banks
With all the hoopla of National Signing Day behind us, I had a chance to catch up with, Burlington Township’s and 2017 Scarlet Knight Signee, Everett Wormley for an exclusive interview for all of our “On the Banks” fans to get to know Ev a little better. To see my scouting report on Wormley, simply click here.
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During demonstrations at JFK Airport two weeks ago over President Donald Trump's travel ban, Uber's response was regarded by some to be more in league with the White House than with the protesters, and a #DeleteUber campaign went viral. In the aftermath, more than 200,000 customers shut down their accounts, The New York Times reported.
Asbury Park Press
Artists still make movies. Consumers still watch them. But "in today's world, the technology has become one that has disenfranchised local merchants that delivered that content," said Marc Kalan, a marketing professor at Rutgers Business School.
An exceedingly helpful paper on the topic of this column (the merit of valuations-based market timing) was recently published by Valentin Dimitrov of Rutgers Business School and Prem C. Jain of the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. It is titled: Shiller’s CAPE: Market Timing and Risk.
Teen Vogue
"Women are more independent and have more buying power than ever before," says Kristina Durante, associate professor of marketing at Rutgers Business School. "We have more opportunities and are outpacing men when it comes to education."
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SEMPO, the world's largest nonprofit organization serving the search and digital marketing industry and the marketing professionals engaged in it, announced today that Mike Moran, long-time search marketing author and consultant, has joined SEMPO’s Board of Directors.
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The classes at the European Business School were challenging, but Rutgers Business School had prepared me to do well.
Financial Times
U.S. schools are rebuilding their strength in this ranking, with their number increasing to 51. Six of the eight new or returning schools are from the U.S.
Among these six US schools, Rutgers Business School in New Jersey is the highest new entrant at 70 (and No. 37 in the U.S.).
Customized Distribution Services
Customized Distribution Services (CDS), a national provider of third-party logistics and warehousing services, is pleased to announce the inaugural recipient of its Supply Chain Management Education Scholarship, Ms. Colleen Graner, an undergraduate senior student at Rutgers Business School.
The New Stack
Without minority entrepreneurs being able to access these resources, the technology ecosystem and the world as a whole will find itself lacking. "That means important, profitable businesses are not being launched and not growing to scale, and really that means that our world is losing out on innovations that we all want and we all want to promote and encourage," explained Professor Lyneir Richardson of Rutgers Business School’s Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED), speaking with TNS Associate Podcast Producer Kiran Oliver on the new episode of The New Stack Makers podcast.
Asbury Park Press
President Donald Trump's moves on Monday to steer the nation on a more isolationist path could generate more jobs, but it also could lead to trade wars, cede world leadership to China, and spark higher consumer prices, experts said.
The Hahne & Co. building was rechristened as Newark's showplace with a ceremony marking the reopening of the site as a residential, retail and educational complex.
Newspaper media companies continue to have a brand crisis on their hands and seem to either be oblivious to the problem or lack the will to do something about it.
The Chinese are not thrilled about their entanglement with the U.S. economy, any more than Donald Trump is, but like a quarreling couple, the two nations have kept dancing together out of mutual self-interest, according to a U.S. expert: Farok Contractor,
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The B-STAR program helps Rutgers Business School fulfill its commitment to excellence in diversity and inclusion.
By Lyneir Richardson, executive director, The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Rutgers Business School.
Technology accelerators provide entrepreneurs with access to seed capital, business relationships, guidance and office space. Over the last 18 months, three accelerators have opened in Newark with great fanfare.