RBS Extended Orientation (EO) for Undergraduate International Students

Our RBS Extended Orientation (EO) for Undergraduate International Students aims to address the unique needs of newly admitted undergraduate international students who are going to start their college career in the upcoming fall semester at RBS New Brunswick. Our EO program will give you the opportunity to jump start your college career at Rutgers Business School.

Extended Orientation participants can move on campus, and into their residence halls, two weeks early. During this two-week period, you will take two academic courses worth 2 credits, including RBS International Student in Transition Seminar and Business Communication Skills. You will participate in on- and off-campus activities together with your classmates, allowing you to get familiar and comfortable with your new environment. You'll also get to interact with professors, staff and upper classmen, in a small setting, while the campus is still quiet during the summer months. 

Please click here to see the program brochure.

Please click here to see the tentative program itinerary.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Apply:

  1. Email your name and Rutgers ID to ypisani@business.rutgers.edu
  2. Make first payment of $1600 ($450 non-refundable deposit included) by following the instructions sent by us via email.
  3. Make travel arrangements ONLY AFTER you receive a confirmation email no later than June 2, 2016 and send us your flight information.
  4. Pay remainder amount of program cost before arrival.


Rutgers Business School Extended Orientation (RBS – EO) FAQ

Program Overview

  1. Q: Why should I attend the RBS - EO program?
    • Students earn two general elective college credits toward graduation
    • Privacy and freedom to tour the campus and facilities
    • Personal attention from Rutgers Business School faculty and staff
  2. Q: How is the RBS - EO different from the University Orientation for international students?
    A: The University Orientation is open for the general student population while the RBS - EO is specifically designed only for Rutgers Business School – New Brunswick newly admitted and coming international students. In addition to earning two college credits toward graduation, students receive special attention from RBS on business-oriented curriculum and goals. See schedule/itinerary for more details.
  3. Q: Who can apply to the program?
    A: All newly admitted and coming RBS – NB undergraduate international students.
  4. Q: When will I be notified for the acceptance of the program?
    A: All applicants will be notified no later than June 2, 2016 via email of your acceptance to the program. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please contact Yang Pisani at ypisani@business.rutgers.edu
  5. Q: If I attend the RBS - EO Program, do I still have to attend the University Orientation for international students?
    A: Yes, it is mandatory for all international students to attend the University Orientation.
  6. Q: What are the two courses?
    • RBS International Student in Transition Seminar
    • Business Communication Skills
  7. Q: Can I attend midway or leave the program earlier than the end date?
    A: Unfortunately NO, because this program is credit bearing.
  8. Q: For the activities, what form of transportation will be provided?
    A: We will be providing a coach bus for off-campus activities throughout the program.
  9. Q: When should I arrive in the United States? Which airport should I arrive in?
    A: Students should arrange for their flight to arrive on August 14, 2016 at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). Airport pick-up will be provided by RBS on August 14, 2016 at 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 8:30 PM.
  10. Q: When should I book my flight ticket?
    A: Please do not make any travel arrangements until you receive a confirmation email regarding your acceptance on or before June 2, 2016.
  11. Q: What should I bring to this RBS - EO program?
    A: In addition to what you are bringing for the school year, please bring along professional business attire and a swimsuit and review the international student pre-departure check list at the following link: Click Here


Cost & Payment

  1. Q: How much does the program cost?
    A: The total cost of the program is $3000, which includes the first payment of $1600 ($450 non-refundable deposit included).
  2. Q: How do I pay?
    A: Students can pay online with a valid credit card. Further information will be provided via email.
  3. Q: Do I need to purchase medical insurance for this program?
  4. A: All international students must be covered by Rutgers medical insurance, which cost $404, or get approval of your current insurance by Rutgers Center of Global Services by clicking here.

Recommended transportation services if you arrive at other airports:

  1. UBER
  2. ALLO Taxi: 732-214-1111
  3. Yellow Cab of New Brunswick: 732-246-2222
  4. NJ Transit
  5. JFK Ground Transportation



  1. Q: Where can I go for food?
  2. Q: What housing options do I have?
    A: During the program, students will reside in on-campus dormitories with double occupancy.
  3. Q: Can I move into my assigned dorm for the academic year during the RBS - EO?
    A: No, students will move-in to their assigned dormitories for the fall at the end of the program.
  4. Q: What does the dorm provide?
    A: All dorms are furnished with a mattress, writing desk and chair, dresser, and etc... For this program, each student will be provided with linens, sheets, and a pillow.
  5. Q: Can someone help me move to my dorm after the program?
    A: Yes, we will provide transportation services to assist with your move-in.
  6. Q: Can I choose to live with my friends?
    A: Yes, however, only same gender roommates will be allowed and your roommate must also request you via email.
  7. Q: Do all the facilities open to me at the time I arrive, such as libraries, gyms, computer labs, etc.?
    A: Yes, however, summer hours may vary. Please go online to the University website for summer hours.