Testimonials about the Executive MBA program in Singapore

"The Rutgers University EMBA Program was an unforgettable experience and an excellent value for money. The biggest take home from the program for me was that it has really changed the level of business conversation in many aspects - an invaluable asset for any executive in a global environment. During the program, the Rutgers University faculty granted us insights from their wisdom and vast practical knowledge, transforming classes into an indulging experience.  No doubt, the key differentiator for the Rutgers University EMBA Program is its faculty!  On top of everything else I was able to expand my global network with other executives from APAC and make friends for life."

Hay Hazama, MBA
Chief Technology Officer, VSS Singapore
Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2010

"Both my educational and career background was truly very Singapore-based. So I was looking for an American MBA that could provide me with a totally fresh and global perspective. The Rutgers University EMBA programme exceeded my expectations with its world-class faculty as well as diverse student profile.

I was able to learn and connect with my professors and peers from over 10 nationalities and 11 industries. In a learning environment that encouraged deep questioning, passionate debates and strong collaboration, it has created lasting professional and personal friendships. The Rutgers Executive MBA was truly a stimulating and enriching experience."

Teo Beng Hean, MBA
Director – Segment Marketing, Business Sales
SingTel, Singapore
Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2010

"I have been following Rutgers program for almost 4 years. Initially I wanted to attend the course in Newark NJ campus because of course's reputation on Wall Street. I had to postpone for family reasons and later wanted to move to Singapore. When I moved to the region, I joined the EMBA course as soon as I could.

Financial Accounting module came in very handy in increasing my understanding of the accounting policy changes implemented as part of major regional project. The Global Leadership module has been very rich with actions and we get to hear from guest speakers who are industry practitioners invited by the Professor. For Financial Accounting we had frequent use of accounting software and for Managerial Economics, the professor would use the latest news articles published in last few weeks which made our learning extremely relevant. Invariably all of them are practitioners and have wide industry experience and contacts. For eg, the professor teaching Global leadership has worked with CEOs and boards across US and other countries like China, Korea and South Africa. The modules selected have been broad and help to develop good tool set.

Professors are very important for an executive program like the Rutgers EMBA. I consider them to be one of the legs of 3 legged stool; classmates being the second and course structure of Rutgers being other third. I am impressed with the professors so far. All of them have excellent qualifications and teaching style to match the subject."

Gururaj Upadhye, PMP, MBA
Vice President – Global Equity Strategic Initiatives
Bank of America Merill Lynch, Singapore
Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2013

"Education is a lifelong journey, and I have just had the privilege of embarking on an exquisite educational experience with Rutgers University's 14.5 months EMBA program in Singapore. Albeit an intense but manageable schedule, the academic structure was well co-ordinated by professors and program director who ensured that they deliver their knowledge and content holistically. Complementing academia, what I found most valuable was the cultivation of learning through constant discussions on current, topical affairs and sharing of industry knowledge among my classmates who came from very diverse backgrounds.

Tenacious friendships were formed along the way, which has now contributed to an even stronger alumni network in Asia. Lastly, the impact on my career path has only been positive thus far, and I would have to thank Rutgers for equipping me with the enhanced tools & skillsets to further climb the corporate ladder, or when I decide to put on my entrepreneurial hat in future!"

Ginny Cheok, MBA
Head of Client Executives, Asia Pacific
Citibank, Hong Kong
Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2013

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin

"Embarking on an MBA is a difficult decision for many Executives today. Due to the ever increasing demands from work and the consistent challenges that we faced in an uncertain macro-environment. I chose the 14.5 months Rutgers EMBA program for its short duration which minimises time away from work and family. Fully taught by faculty members from Rutgers Business School in New Jersey, the program had offered me unique insights into strategy, management, economics and leadership.

In my mind, the program is extremely successful due to its commitment to keep a class size small enough to maximize interactions and learning between peers and the professors. This learning experience is further enhanced through using current events as impromptu examples, enabling the class to bring leading theories taught into understanding or solving real life business issues.

The program is also extremely “application based” with numerous group projects within 9 day period (for each module). This allowed the class to further hone our research, organization, negotiation and presentation skills while maximizing the strength of each team member. It may seem mundane at first but the ability for today’s manager to research, organize, negotiate and formulate proposals in an environment where there is a overload of information is extremely critical to the success of every firm, regardless of size and industry.

I am extremely fortunate to have made the acquaintance of the outstanding Faculty and the hugely talented cohort of 2013. It is my honour to be a part of the Rutgers family."

Ng Kee Wee, MBA (Class of 2013 President)
Senior Director - Global Sourcing
Jabil, Singapore
Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2013

"Congrats to Prof. Suresh Govindaraj on being named the Top 15 Forensic Accounting Professors!

Being a CPA myself, I gained new insights during Prof. Govindaraj’s Financial Statement Analysis class. Apart from sharing his research and academic knowledge with us, Prof. Govindaraj also advised me a personal level with regard to my career. At his advice, I made a switch from accounting and finance role into a mergers and acquisitions role while pursuing the EMBA program. The ROI of the EMBA has been immediate and upon the completion of the program, I was tasked to take on additional responsibilities for the Asia region.

A big thank you to Rutgers for offering the EMBA in Singapore and the EMBA team for making my educational journey a memorable one!"

Alex Ling, CPA, MBA
Regional Finance Director, Asia
Garlock Singapore
Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2013

"Dr. Jesse Cohen provides a course which goes in-depth to the mechanisms of securities markets. Anyone who is or plans to be involved in companies where the market prices impact their company performance should take keen interest in this course. Furthermore he outlines some essentials for personal financial governance. All subjects are taught in an engaging and hands-on manner with practical applications throughout the syllabus."

Bryan McCausland, MBA
Regional Head of Network Development & Supply Chain Management
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Thailand
Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2013

"Being the only banker in class, I had a very positive experience. My classmates have provided me with insights gained from each of their businesses and experience. Insights that often challenged to my highly structured "Financial Markets" way of thinking. Whether it was from the world of pharmaceuticals, ground logistics, infrastructure, engineering, gaming, software and computing, finance, law, credit and rating analysis or hotels and hospitality, my view of the world was broadened and regularly redirected by their experience.

The diverse cultural backgrounds of our class, and the professors, further added to my experience. Whether it was, Singapore, Israel, India, China, Malaysia, the UK, South America or the US, my genetic disposition that Australia and Australian’s are centre of the universe was displaced permanently and replaced with the knowledge that diverse thinking from both cultural and career background is a power commodity in any critical analysis and problem solving.”

Matthew Barron, MBA
Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income Asia Pacific
TD Securities Singapore
Rutgers Executive MBA Program, Class of 2014

"This EMBA journey would not have been half as enriching and enjoyable had it not been for our wonderful professors who combined dull academic theory and business case studies with their passion and huge dollops of humor to keep the classes interesting. And in fact, there seldom was a dull moment in class. Had it not been for the dedication of our professors to make our classes relevant as well as interesting, the motivation to continue with the intensively packed program would have weakened a long time ago. Their knowledge and dedication has been an inspiration and I’m indeed very lucky to have had the privilege to be taught by the EMBA Academic Director, Dr Langdana and other brilliant minds at Rutgers. So to all our professors, a big thank you!

The next chapter in the story of our lives depends on whether we let our fears dictate it or whether we are willing to use our new found knowledge to take risks and follow our hearts. Many of us have already begun a new journey in that direction and I know some are thinking about it ….. So here's to us, the Class of 2014, the big engine rooms, as Prof Lenny Goodman would have said, “You don’t know what you know” – let not the fear of the unknown hold us back."

Kavita Sinha, MBA
Director of Technology
Silver Spring Networks, Singapore
Rutgers Executive MBA Singapore Class of 2014