Lerner Leadership Development Program

Summer Internship Program: Interns will identify ways in which the Center can better prepare its services for the target marketplace as well as identify potential customers and understand what they want to obtain from our services. Interns will gain real-world experiences by making the existence of our services known and communicating our brand to the target audience.

40% to Marketing & advertising; 25% to both Professional development and daily operation & Event planning; 10% to Procurement/Accounting

Majors previously hired in ranking order: Management Information Systems (27.3%), Marketing (18.2%), Supply Chain Management & Marketing Sciences (18.2%), Finance (18.2%), Supply Chain Management (9.1%), Public and Nonprofit Administration (9.1%)


Former Interns

Summer 2016

Richa Verma

Alex Rodriguez

Summer 2015

Nicki Ng

Kelly Alfaro

Summer 2014

Rohini Putcha

Amelia Seecharan

Summer 2013

Unnati Desai