Research / Publications

John Cantwell, PhD

  • John Cantwell, John H. Dunning and Sarianna M. Lundan, "An evolutionary approach to understanding international business activity: the co-evolution of MNEs and the institutional environment", Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 41, No. 4, 2010, pp. 567-586.

Farok Contractor, PhD

  • Refereed Articles
    • “Reconceptualizing the Firm in a World of Outsourcing and Offshoring: The Organizational and Geographical Relocation of High-Value Company Functions,” Journal of Management Studies, November 2010
    • “Assessing the Relative Influence of Bargaining Power, Mutual Hostages, and Task Characteristics on the Governance Structure of Cross-border Technology Alliances,” International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 48, No. 3, 2009.
  • Doctoral Consortium
    • Faculty Advisor at the Doctoral Consortium of European School on New Institutional Economics, June 2010, Corsica, France
  • Non-Refereed Papers
    • “The Global Firm as a Chop-Shop,” Yale Global, October 2010

Deborah Dougherty, PhD

  • Dougherty, D. and D. Dunne (forthcoming) Organizing Ecologies of Exploratory Innovation, Organization Science
  • Paper provisionally accepted (working draft revised extensively Sept 2010):
    Dougherty, D. and D. Dunne.   Digital Science and Knowledge Boundaries in Complex Innovation, Organization Science.
  • Revision under review:
    Dougherty, D., H. Bertels, K. Chung, D. Dunne, J. Kraemer, G. Zhao. What Time is It?  Using Event pacing to Create a Strategic Context for Complex Innovation (2010)

Mahmud Hassan, PhD

  • “Hospital Length of Stay and Probability of Acquiring Infection”, Mahmud Hassan, Howard P. Tuckman, Robert H. Patrck, David S. Kountz, and Jennifer L. Kohn, International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing , Vol. 4, No. 4, 2010, pp: 324-338.
  • “Cost of Hospital-Acquired Infection”, Mahmud Hassan, Howard P. Tuckman, Robert H. Patrick, David S. Kountz, and Jennifer L. Kohn, Hospital Topics, Vol. 88, No. 3, 2010, pp: 82-89.        
  • “Intellectual Property Rights and Data Exclusivity Period for Biological Drugs”, Mahmud Hassan, and Lilia Hyttinen.  

Scott Hemphill, PhD, JD

Frank Lichtenberg, PhD

  • ”Spurious correlation in estimation of the health production function: A note,” Economics Bulletin 30 (3), pp. 2505-2514, September 28, 2010, with Sule Akkoyunlu, Boriss Siliverstovs and Peter Zweifel,
  • "Pharmaceutical Price Discrimination and Social Welfare," Capitalism and Society 5 (1), Article 2.
  • "Are Increasing 5-Year Survival Rates Evidence of Success Against Cancer? A Reexamination Using Data from the U.S. and Australia," Forum for Health Economics & Policy 13 (2) (Health Economics), Article 11.
  • “The Effect of Patent Expiration on U.S. Drug Prices, Marketing, and Utilization,” with Gautier Duflos, Concurrences (Review of Competition Laws), forthcoming,
  • “Pharmaceutical Innovation and Mortality in the United States, 1960-2000. A commentary on Schnittker and Karandinos,” Social Science & Medicine 70 (2010), pp. 969-971.
  • “Do New Drugs Save Lives?” (Letter to the Editor), Journal of General Internal Medicine, December 2009.
  • “The impact of drug vintage on patient survival: a patient-level analysis using Quebec’s provincial health plan data,” with Paul Grootendorst, Marc Van Audenrode, Dominick Latremouille-Viau, and Patrick Lefebvre, Value in Health 12 (6), 847–856.

Robert Patrick, PhD

  • "Hospital Length of Stay and Probability of Infection," with M. Hassan, H.P. Tuckman, D.S. Kountz, and J.L. Kohn, International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, forthcoming.
  • "Cost of Hospital Acquired Infection," with M. Hassan, H.P. Tuckman, D.S. Kountz, and J.L. Kohn, Hospital Topics 88(3):82-89, 2010.

Yao Zhao, PhD

  • Fleischhacker, A., Y. Zhao. 2010. The Dynamic Economic Lot-size Model for Clinical Trial Supply Chains: Planning for Demand Failure. (Revised for European Journal of Operational Research)
  • Fleischhacker, A., A. Ninh, Y. Zhao. 2010. Inventory Positioning in Clinical Trial Supply Chains. (Under review at Operations Research)
  • Martino, K., Y. Zhao, A. Fein. 2010. Resell versus Direct Models in Brand Drug Distribution.
  • Martino, K., Y. Zhao. 2010. A Comparison of Prescription Drug Prices.
  • Case studies
    • “CTR Clinical Research: Clinical Trial Supply Management.” Spring 2010
    • “Preparing for Influenza Pandemic – Just-In-Time vs. Just-In-Case Strategies.” Summer 2010