Jersey Roots, Global Reach. With study trips in Asia and South America, students have the chance to experience global business firsthand.
Our mission is to engage in high quality research, teaching and service that are recognized by both internal and external constituents as world-class.
Management & Global Business professor Jerome Williams honored by Prudential and Rutgers as first Prudential Chair in Business. (Continue reading)
Entrepreneurship as a science. Students work closely with real, local entrepreneurs to help them with their businesses.

Management & Global Business


To be a world-class department through excellence in research, education and service devoted to improving the management and leadership of people and the global management of organizations.



Our mission is to engage in high quality research, teaching and service that are recognized by both internal and external constituents as world-class. We strive to be a vibrant department that promotes synergy among research, teaching, and service to students and to the business community. Such synergy produces dynamism in the education we provide and drives the identification of issues that form the basis of excellence in our research.

Synergy between research and teaching.  We share our research with our students by incorporating its findings and managerial implications into our undergraduate, M.B.A. and Ph.D. classes, and by involving students in our research activities.  Many of our students are middle- or higher-level practitioners who bring a wealth of business experience to the classroom. They share with us their reactions to our research, thereby helping us sharpen our understanding of the clarity, relevance, and implications of our work.

Synergy between research and service.  Interactions and consulting with the business community can help us test the applicability of our research findings to real-world situations, acquire data to test our theories, and generate ideas for new research. In turn, we can serve the business community by sharing our expertise and research findings. We outreach to the business community by offering conferences and conducting training and development activities. Research centers with which our faculty members are affiliated (including the Technology Management Research Center, the East Asian Business Center, the Blanche and Irwin Lerner Center for Pharmaceutical Management Issues, and the Center for Global Change and Governance in the Rutgers-Newark Division of Global Affairs) offer unique opportunities for the department to integrate research on and service to the business community.

Synergy between teaching and service.  Business people share their experience and knowledge with our students through conferences, guest lectures, internships, and job placements.  Students help businesses, bringing fresh ideas to the firms that employ them, by contributing to the success of those firms, and by being exemplary representatives of our department and school. In some cases, students will establish new businesses that create jobs and expand the economy. In addition, we will develop short, non-credit executive education programs to directly service training needs of New Jersey’s business and government institutions.