Research Centers and Business Outreach

Research centers and business outreach affiliated with the Department of Management & Global Business.


Institute for Ethical Leadership

The Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership (IEL), working with business, government, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and within Rutgers, provides leaders and future leaders with the education, training and critical-thinking tools needed to make ethical decisions.


Technology Management Research Center

A paradigm shift in Global society has positioned technology as the main driver for economic growth in industry and government. Yet successful management of today’s fluid, fast-paced innovations poses extraordinary challenges. The Technology Management Research Center (TMRC) is dedicated to embracing these issues and promoting effective management of technology.


The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) is the first center of its kind in the nation to integrate scholarly works with private capital, government, and non-profit sectors to develop citywide resources and bring renewed economic growth and vitality through urban entrepreneurship. The Center promotes and fosters a new generation of urban entrepreneurs who actively seek socially conscious urban renaissance.