Building a community at Rutgers. Members of the RBS community are invited to join the Management Information Systems Association.
Excellence, Diversity, Access. MSIS programs and leading research provide students with access to a unique, multidisciplinary education in business.
Highly Sought After Grads. Students who master the skills provided by the MSIS programs are sought after in many different areas of business and government.
Production and Operations are assuming greater importance as American industry competes with foreign manufacturing efficiency.

Management Science & Information Systems

Welcome to the MSIS Department

As part of a Business School in a major public research university, the department of management science & information systems is committed to the advancement of knowledge and preparation of future leaders for business and academic careers through scholarly research, teaching, and service, as set forth below.

Research Aims. The Department strives to produce high-quality, innovative research in the areas of business analytics, operations research and management science, statistics, and information systems that is relevant to policy makers, academics, and practitioners, demonstrated recently by Professor Hui Xiong’s article in Forbes “The Ethics of Big Data.”  We aim to compete successfully with recognized benchmark schools and to have our faculty serve on the editorial boards of highly regarded academic research and professional journals.

Teaching Intention. We regard education received in a research university to be the best learning experience possible. In this light our faculty not only strive to remain current through the production and dissemination of new knowledge, but they also keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of education and the profession we serve.  We aim to attract the best students, to whom we offer a supportive learning environment, characterized by a highly relevant contemporary curriculum and innovative pedagogical methods.

Service Aspirations. The Department recognizes the value and importance of maintaining an environment of collegiality and mutual respect among colleagues, of outreach to alumni, and of service commitment to a wide range of constituencies.  We participate actively in supporting the needs and requirements of the Rutgers Business School and the University, in leadership roles and in membership of the national and international professions of management science and information systems, and in co-operating with the business and professional communities.


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