Alum returns as Barclays Global Managing Director to discuss careers in equity research

Thursday, November 15, 2012

According to Rutgers Business School (RBS) alum Stuart Linde, Barclays Managing Director and Global Head of Equity Research, it wasn't easy getting to the top and the best advice he ever received was "never give up" and "go where your passion is." Sounds cliché, yet this sage advice provided by someone from the RBS community holds true for those pursuing a career in today's competitive job market.

Alum Stuart Linde, Barclays Managing Director and Global Head of Equity Research

During an evening talk hosted by the RBS Undergraduate Newark Office of Career Management and Nicole Altneu of the RBS Development Office titled, "Spotlight on Equities: the Role of Equity Research," he spoke to more than 50 RBS Undergraduate Newark and New Brunswick, MBA, and Master of Quantitative Finance students at 1 Washington Park at Rutgers campus in Newark. Linde detailed the roles of "Sell Side" and "Buy Side" functions in the Equities business.

Students commented how valuable the information was given Linde's role in the business. They heard "real-world" experience around how a senior analyst team will cover companies and industries for strategic decision making and how it is used to translate the data into a view on stocks within that sector.

"I have long been fascinated by and interested in the capital markets, particularly the equity markets," said Mark Wallach, a RBS student.

After his talk, Linde answered individual questions from attendees seeking more information about the role of a research analyst. Linde's description of a day-in-the-life provided a glimpse into what it really means to pursue a career in Equities and the skills needed to succeed. He mentioned those who were interested should enjoy writing, financial modeling and the prospect of working with clients.

Linde, who manages a successful top-ranked Equity Research team in New York City discussed his take on career advice you will inevitably hear from others. "There were times I was told, I was the worst analyst on the block, but I used that feedback to work harder and remain focused on gaining a competitive edge...I committed myself to learning and growing regardless of the roadblocks in front of me and never gave in to the naysayers," Linde said.

This professional advice was found to be directly impactful to many students in attendance. "I gathered from what he said that it's important to be a straight shooter, keep your focus, and most important have an open mind to where your career might take you," said Daniel Rosario, a RBS student.

Rosario reflected on the discussion, "We hear from business professionals at RBS all the time and the story behind the success is what is most appealing to me...I see professionals considered 'successful' and they seem to have landed in careers that divert from what they originally intended to do," he said.

Linde also discussed the importance of "fit" as an important factor in considering any career, yet he stated that you have to determine your criteria for personal success and where you fit in the industry you choose.

Finally, the audience was left holding on to each and every word of Stuart Linde, which he ended with "go after what you want in life and don't let anyone tell you that you can't succeed."

RBS students take notes

Luis Valls, a RBS student, appreciated the extra positive advice as it helped him think about his own focus and "the importance of being positive in overcoming roadblocks."

Linde indicated business runs in cycles and it may get low or high on Wall Street, but if you want a career in a challenging environment, exhibit energy and passion to those around you, you can build it.

RBS appreciated the investment of time from one of our successful alums to reach students with support, advice and positive encouragement.

- Yolanda Alvarez


About Stuart Linde
Managing Director, Global Head of Equity Research

Stuart M. Linde is a managing director and head of global equity research at Barclays. He is a member of the Equities Executive and Management Committees, and the Exposures Committee. Mr. Linde previously served as head of Equity Research, Americas at Lehman Brothers, a position he held from 2003 to 2008. Under his leadership, the U.S. Equity Research team ranked in the Top 3 of Institutional Investor's "All-America Research Team" for 10 consecutive years. Prior to this position, Mr. Linde was the senior entertainment/cable analyst at Lehman Brothers. He launched coverage of the entertainment sector in March 2001 and cable communication services in January 2003, after covering the gaming and leisure sectors for eight years. In 2002 and 2003, Mr. Linde placed No. 3 in Institutional Investor's "All-America Research Team" survey and in 2000, was a Runner-Up in the Gaming and Lodging category. He has also been recognized four times for his performance by The Wall Street Journal "All Star Analyst" survey. Prior to joining Lehman Brothers in 1998, Mr. Linde was with Gerard Klauer Mattison & Co. and Fahnestock & Company for eight years. Mr. Linde received a B.A. in Economics from New York University and a M.B.A. from Rutgers University Graduate School of Management.

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