Rutgers Business School Flex (Part-Time) MBA program fits student needs

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Since 1950, and through a few name changes, Rutgers Business School has offered an MBA program, with a full-time day program beginning in 1961 (RBS at Seventy-Five). For over 60 years, and 11 years longer than the full-time program, working professionals have utilized the flexibility and evening classes of RBS’ Flex (Part-Time) MBA program to advance their careers.

Today, the Rutgers Business School Flex (Part-Time) MBA program is ranked 39th in the country, and the 25th public university, in the rankings released by U.S. News & World Report on March 15.

"I am not surprised by Rutgers' dramatic rise in the U.S. News & World Report rankings" says Diane Hanna ’15.  "The ranking reflects what every student observes on a day-to-day basis.  The quality of programs, instruction, faculty, facilities, and students makes Rutgers one of the most valuable and sought after graduate programs.  My colleagues and I believe the ranking is well deserved, and only expect it to move higher in the coming years" she added.

Diane Hanna, Flex MBA Class of 2015

Speaking to how the Flex MBA program on the Livingston Campus fits her needs and professional goals, Diane Hanna ’15 states: “The diversity of working professionals in my classes, socio-economically, culturally, racially, professionally, greatly enhances the perspectives brought to bear on problem solving.  It also allows every student to become more culturally literate for communicating in the global economy.”

Dana McGraw ’15 is impressed with the quality and teaching ability of the faculty.  “I have been blessed to have had some really amazing instructors during my MBA journey.  I was not especially looking forward to Accounting, in fact, it scared me, but in walked Ira Zecher.  With years of industry experience and a passion for accounting, he made the material understandable, engaging and compelling.  I always left his class excited about what I was learning.”

Rutgers Flex MBA Student Dana McGraw
Dana McGraw, Flex MBA Class of 2015

Timothy Boylan ’16 appreciates that “we are learning industry vocabulary, skills, theory and practice that we can apply immediately.  I attend class Thursday evening, and take what I learned into the office Friday morning.  The flexibility of the program allows me to ‘time block’ my classes each term.  During times of the year when my work-load is lighter, I can take more classes.  I aim to finish my program in two years, where for others, they are on the three or four year plan.”

Timothy Boylan, Flex MBA Class of 2016

With its cutting-edge facilities, first-rate faculty, and flexibility to allow students to tailor the program to their situation, the Rutgers Business School Flex (Part-Time) MBA program at Rutgers Business School on the Livingston Campus fits students’ needs.

-Sean Ireland

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