Rutgers Business School team receives honorable mention at HULT Global Case Competition

Monday, March 19, 2012

On Saturday, February 25, 2012 Rutgers Business School competed in the 3rd Annual Hult Global Case Challenge (Hult GCC).  This year, the Hult GCC, partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative, Habitat for Humanity, SolarAid and One Laptop per Child. The competition encouraged university students around the world to address pressing social challenges and develop innovative, sustainable solutions that will provide affordable housing, affordable energy, and affordable education to the bottom of the pyramid.

Each team selected to participate in the competition was chosen from over 4,000 applications received globally.  Rutgers Business School’s team members include Raghuram Adiraju, Shivali Nesargi, Ruby Rajan, and Jonas Stoecker.  All are full-time MBA students in the Class of 2013. The Hult GCC regional competitions took place on February 24-25, 2012 on Hult International Business School’s five campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai.

The Rutgers Business School team competed in the housing track in Boston against 15 other schools, including MIT, Darden, Dartmouth, and Cornell.  The question posed by Habitat for Humanity International was “Can HFHI find the right combination of partnerships, innovative business models, and scalable housing solutions to reach 50 million people (10 million homes) in ten years?”  The RBS team worked tirelessly for an entire month to develop an innovative, practical solution to the problem faced by this organization. The students used supply chain strategies and marketing concepts that they learned in their courses at RBS, such as optimization of the distribution network, usage of local suppliers, procurement of indirect materials, and enhancing the brand awareness, to devise a feasible solution.

“Working for business development is challenging but making it for a social cause is satisfying as well,” said RBS team member Raghuram Adiraju. “B- School not only provides us new skills and networking opportunities but it also teaches us on giving back to the society. HULT Global Case Challenge 2012 is one such opportunity, where we were able to apply the skills we learned at Rutgers for a better tomorrow.”

The students were given 12 minutes to present their ideas in front of a panel of judges from a variety of industries, including Mr. Stephen Seidel, Senior Director of Global Design and Implementation at Habitat for Humanity International.  The judges chose Hult International Business School to move on to the global final round, but Rutgers Business School, along with Darden and Cornell, received an honorable mentions. The judges said they were impressed by the creativity of the solutions presented.

“Participating in the Hult Global Case Challenge 2012 was an amazing experience,” said RBS team member Ruby Rajan. “We were given the extraordinary opportunity to present our solution in front of an impressive panel of great business leaders.  We are grateful for the school’s support throughout the preparation; we used many of the supply chain and marketing concepts we’ve learned in our courses, and received advice from a number of professors.  It was an honor to represent Rutgers Business School in the competition.”

Congratulations to the RBS team for a great presentation!

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