Rutgers Business School, Undergraduate Newark sponsors high school women student summit

Saturday, May 3, 2014

On May 3, Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark, in conjunction with the Garden State Woman Foundation, welcomed high school women students, parents, and school administrators to the New Jersey High School Women Considering a College Degree in Business seminar. The program sought to inspire women high school students to attend college and pursue business degrees. The event attracted a wide audience, including current Rutgers Business School – Undergraduate Newark students, entrepreneurs, and senior company executives who all share a desire to encourage young women’s success.

Olympian Joetta Clark-Diggs addresses the audience.

The students had the opportunity to participate in workshops and networking sessions with successful business women from a variety of professional fields. One of the keynote speakers, Arlyce Anderson of Sublime Life Coaching, set the tone for the day. She spoke of the importance of preparing for success and wanted the young women to visualize themselves having a “seat at the table.”

Jack Killion from Bluestone Killion, instructed the students to “build a network of solid relationships and don’t let others set the ceiling.”

Julie Krauss, from Allure Pet Products, illustrated Mr. Killion’s point by encouraging students to ask for assistance and explained that “there are so many people willing to help” women get started and succeed in the business world.


Students participating in one of the seminar’s panels.

More than 70 students, representing nearly 40 New Jersey public, parochial, and charter high schools participated in the seminar.

“Rutgers Business School’s commitment to students and our community extends beyond currently enrolled students” said Associate Dean LaToya Battle-Brown.  Continuing, she said: “Outreach includes inspiring young students to strive for education and careers that they may not have considered or thought possible.  We hope that they will attend Rutgers Business School, but the fundamental goal is presenting possibilities and opportunities.”

The immediate response following the event was overwhelmingly positive, with several students commenting on how influential the program was.

“Today’s program was very inspirational,” said one survey response. “I learned how to go about life decisions. I also learned to always stay focused and reach for my potential.  This program was a huge step for me because the advisors spoke very positively about what they do, which gave me faith. I would definitely recommend this to others who are interested in business.”


Students actively engaged with the seminar activities.

Another student remarked, “thank you guys for really good advice and for sharing your stories. It was worth waking up early on a Saturday morning to come down here.”
Students speaking with panelists during lunch.

The seminar was created and developed by Judy Chapman, the founder of the Garden State Woman Foundation. The organization, which began in 1998 as a publisher of a quarterly magazine aimed primarily at New Jersey corporate, professional, and female business owners, has evolved over the years under Ms. Chapman’s leadership, and now serves New Jersey women by hosting a series of events, including financial and health conferences and networking events, publishing annual financial and health guides, developing an information-rich web site, and creating the Garden State Woman Education Foundation. For more information, please visit

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