Rutgers PhD Student Laurens Smit wins INFORMS 5th Annual Student Contest

Friday, September 13, 2013

The New Jersey Chapter of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) named Laurens Smit of the Management Science and Information Systems Department of Rutgers Business School the winner of its 5th Annual Student Contest.

The award is for his work on "Far-Reaching Successive Lumping Solutions for Stochastic Models" that is part of Smit's Ph.D. research done under the supervision of professors Michael Katehakis of Rutgers and Flora Spieksma of the University of Leiden, the Netherlands.

The NJ Chapter of INFORMS will help offset Laurens’ expenses so that he can present his work at the national conference in Minneapolis, MN.

NJ Chapter Student Contest Chair David Hunt and Laurens Smit

The contest is open to all students who are residents of New Jersey or who are attending a New Jersey College.  Extended abstracts were submitted and four finalists were selected. The finalists presented their work at a New Jersey Chapter meeting in September, and a panel of judges selected the winner.

Other finalists included: Anh Ninh, Yao Zhao, and Adam Fleischhacker of Rutgers Center for Operations Research, Rutgers Business School, and Delaware Business School for “Project Management in Global Clinical Trials”; Carlos Andrade, Flavio Miyazzwa, Mauricio Resende, and Howard Karloff of University of Campinas (Brazil) and AT&T Labs Research for “Solving the Overlapping Correlation Clustering using an Evolutionary Approach”; and Xin Xu and Yao Zhao of Rutgers University for “Partnerships in Project Management.”

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