Support for students affected by Hurricane Sandy

Monday, November 19, 2012

As New Jersey continues to deal with the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, members of the Rutgers community are organizing and finding ways to help heal our great state and surrounding communities.

There are many ways to aid the recovery. Whether it’s volunteering at shelters for people displaced by the storm, preparing meals for distribution, gathering needed supplies and clothing, or making a financial contribution, your help is needed and appreciated.

If you need help yourself, let people know, support is available.

Visit the Rutgers University website to learn more:

Academic Accommodation for Students following Hurricane Sandy

A significant number of students continue to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

If you need academic support, email Michael Barnett, Vice Dean for Academic Programs,

Please read the memo from Richard L. Edwards, executive vice president for academic affairs, on the academic accommodation for students [PDF] who have experienced hardship due to the storm.

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