Two Trusted Leaders Unite in Support of Community-Wide Engagement Effort

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Olive Grove Consulting, a leader in consulting to mission driven organizations and leaders, has been selected as the preferred provider for consulting services by the Institute for Ethical Leadership (IEL) at Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick.  Olive Grove, collaborating with the IEL, will now be available to the mission driven organizations in Northern New Jersey for a broad range of consulting services.

The IEL, which now encompasses the Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leadership, focuses on leaders, and is dedicated to research-based programming combined with practical application. To that end, it provides the education, training and critical-thinking tools to businesses and governments, nonprofit and philanthropic organizations, and across the University to create more effective and ethical leaders.

As part of this new collaboration, Olive Grove Consulting and the IEL will provide hands-on experiences that will help Rutgers students be more engaged in the surrounding community. The collaboration between the two organizations will thus give students a rich, multi-layered learning environment and will help local nonprofits receive low-cost expert consulting services. It will also expand the Institute’s reach, depth and breadth of expertise.   

James Abruzzo, IEL Co-founder, stated “The Institute for Ethical Leadership selected Olive Grove Consulting among a number of firms because of its reputation for yielding high-impact results among diverse organizations and for its work with students at other universities.  Also, Olive Grove’s vision of transformative change embodies what we at the IEL hope to achieve with nonprofit organizations as they increasingly look to us for support, information and guidance. We continue to move beyond transactional relationships to build opportunities for collective, community impact.”

Olive Grove Consulting founder and CEO, Emily Hall, is similarly optimistic and believes the partnership will help leverage the skills and expertise of local nonprofit consultants and management support organizations, applied research, and a vast, diverse student body to support local nonprofits.  

Ms. Hall stated of the collaboration "We work with nonprofits, foundations, social entrepreneurs, and individual and corporate philanthropists to achieve the firm's vision of a vibrant and just society.  This opportunity feels like a perfect fit. I started my work twenty years ago in the New Jersey/New York region, and I am excited about the role my firm will play in helping the IEL become a beacon that leaders and organizations can turn to for guidance, collaboration and support.”

Olive Grove Consulting and the Institute’s collaboration will focus primarily on the local community, working with local consultants, partners, and students. Moreover, they believe that the lessons learned from this effort may transform the way the public sector approaches educating ethical leaders. It can also become a model that impacts the entire social sector.



About Olive Grove Consulting

Since 2002, Olive Grove Consulting has helped organizations and individuals in the nonprofit sector realize their full potential through a unique networked structure. In 2011, the firm quadrupled in size and completed over 100 projects. Clients include San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, and the Schwab Charitable Fund.


About the Institute for Ethical Leadership at Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick

Founded originally in 2005 as the Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Leadership, the Institute’s mission is to strengthen ethical leadership to enhance civil society. Its goal is to transform how leaders are evaluated and rewarded – based on ethical behavior that leads to sustainable, high performing organizations.

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