RBS - Public Private Community Partnership Program

Our Mission

Focusing on building capacities through partnership, Rutgers Business School Public Private Community Partnership Program (RBS - PPCPP) seeks to demonstrate the potential of enhancing opportunities of communities for sustainable strategic on-off campus partnerships for local income enhancement, sustainable livelihoods and participatory development across all sectors and topics.


The PPCPP will:

  • Regularly monitor all RBS and University Public Private initiatives across all units (programs, departments, centers, institutes, etc.) to foster collaborations, to create synergies, and to ensure RBS PPCPP participates in promoting, elevating and attracting existing and new public private partnership opportunities
  • Create an enabling environment at state and local (sub-national) level for promoting partnership between private sector and community (local bodies) for development; create institutional mechanisms to promote partnerships at the local and state level
  • Prepare a district PPCPP plan to identify opportunities for private participation in development
  • Build capacities of the local community for effective participation in local economic development facilitated by private sector

In a grand effort to further our mission, we encourage your involvement! Tell us what you are doing and how we can collaborate. Reach out to us with your interest in any of our projects or with any new ideas.

So Get Interested, Get Involved, Get Engaged!

In addition to the projects highlighted in our newsletters, here are some new and exciting ventures on the horizon:

  • Student Reporters for a new PPCPP Broadcasting Studio!
  • Green Purchasing and Supplier Diversity help for local entrepreneurs


Our Research Affiliations