Rutgers Financial Institutions Center fosters debate on the most pressing issues facing banking today.
Meet our faculty: internationally recognized scholars in financial institutions.
Professor Darius Palia (center) became the first holder of the Thomas A. Renyi Chair in Banking. Renyi (Rutgers MBA '68), the former CEO and Chairman of the Bank of New York Mellon, and former Rutgers President Richard McCormick honored Palia at an Investiture ceremony in 2009.

Rutgers Financial Institutions Center

An Independent Forum for Debate & Research


The North Eastern corridor of the country is home to some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions. New Jersey, in particular has some of the nation’s finest financial institutions, with many institutions moving its offices to the state. The Center marshals the intellectual resources of the region in examining the relevant issues facing the industry. Accordingly, the Center exists to promote research on financial institutions and to act as a Think Tank and Interface between the following four constituencies:

Constituency 1 - The practicing professional
Of significant importance to the Center, this constituency is served through the research conducted by the Center and through the organization and sponsorship of conferences on topical issues of concern to the industry. The Center conducts forums that enables executives to present and debate their positions, and in doing so assists in the dissemination of information between executives.

Constituency 2 - Regulators
Financial institutions face unique regulations from the regulatory agencies like the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the State Banking and Insurance Agencies, the Securities and Exchange Commission, etc. The Center will assist as a liaison between regulators and industry, helping both sides debate and examine issues facing them.

Constituency 3 - Academia (professors and PhD students)
The Center enables academia to analytically examine research issues of interest to industry, allowing industry and academia to have a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas. It assists in buying relevant databases, funding journal submission fees, and sponsoring theoretical and empirical research on topical issues. Doctoral dissertations are sponsored on more analytical topics. A Financial Intermediation Seminar is held approximately twice a month wherein presenters have been from industry, regulatory agencies, Rutgers, other academic institutions, and PhD students.

Constituency 4 - Students
Given the unique nature of the industry, more courses that are directly applicable to the industry will be offered to Rutgers’ students, providing industry access to a well trained, focused group of potential employees.