About Rutgers Business School Financial Institutions Center

The Financial Institutions Center at Rutgers Business School will serve as an Interface and Think Tank between industry, regulators and academia.  The Center seeks to serve industry leaders and practicing professionals through research conducted by the Center and conferences on topical issues of concern to the industry.  The primary themes of research will focus on the unique regulations imposed by regulatory agencies.

The Center will initially host two or more conferences featuring keynote and panelists who are highly regarded in the industry.  The conference will provide a neutral setting for industry leaders, regulators, academia and students, to engage in relevant debate on important issues.  

The financial institutions that the Center seeks to serve are commercial and savings banks, hedge and mutual funds, pension funds and their investment managers, and insurance companies. Law firms that assist the financial industry in regulatory and legal compliance will be also be served by the Center.  Participation by these organizations at conferences will provide beneficial networking for shared business opportunities.

Darius Palia, Professor, Finance and Economics at Rutgers Business School
Thomas A. Renyi Chair in Banking
Founding Director, Rutgers Financial Institutions Center

Education:  Ph.D., New York University
Research Interests:  Banking, Corporate Finance
Teaches: Finance; Financial Management

Professor Palia is an internationally renowned scholar in corporate governance and banking. He earned a PhD in Finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University, and he has been on the faculty of Princeton University, Columbia Business School, the University of Chicago, and UCLA.

Dr. Palia has published extensively in the top finance and economics academic journals and his work is very well cited by other scholars. He is also an Associate Editor of the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. He is often quoted in newspaper articles and magazines. He continues to be invited to present his research to the faculty of top Universities, at the major academic meetings, and at the prestigious National Bureau of Economic Research conferences. He has authored studies on antitrust, bank loan pricing, boards of directors, corporate governance, firm debt policies, IPOs, issuing equity, mergers, and managerial compensation. He also gives lectures on corporate governance to executives and students.