Legislative Appeal

Dear Small Business Client,

Support the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (NJSBDC) in our bid to get more State Funding

We are asking you, as a small business to send letters of support to our State legislators to increase New Jersey Small Business Development Centers' funding so that we can increase our capacity to provide more services and programs to the small business industry.

New Jersey Small Business Development Centers is a state wide network comprised of 11 Centers whose mission is to provide premier business management consulting, training and expert technical support to the small business community. Our services range from preparing the start up small business to enter and penetrate the market to the established small business, confronted with the issues of maintaining sustained growth and the need for the development of effective strategies in a rapidly changing competitive environment.

The services we offer are critical and continue to be essential both to the small business community as well as the wider economy. In comparison with other surrounding states, New Jersey invests the least amount of funding for small business development. The following chart illustrates this disparity:

States State Funding Investment Per Client
New Jersey $700,000 $28.00
New York $2,500,000 $63.00
Pennsylvania $6,750,000 $200.00
North Carolina $1,670,000 $166.00
Georgia $2,529,000 $150.00

North Carolina and Georgia have the same relative population as New Jersey and they are investing $166.00 and $150.00 per small business client respectively. New Jersey is investing $28.00.

A small business in New Jersey competes directly with small businesses in New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Therefore it is critical that the small business industry in New Jersey insists that the State adequately fund the New Jersey Small Business Centers so that we can continue to provide premier management consulting, training and expert technical support services.

In the past two years alone the NJSBDC network facilitated $105.5 million in total loans, grants and procurement contracts for our small business clients and helped small businesses create and/or retain 10,000 jobs. NJSBDC have counseled 7,074 clients and approximately 23,000 entrepreneurs and existing small business owners.

For your convenience we have drafted a sample letter which you can send to your Assemblyman or Senator urging them to increase the NJSBDC funding.


Ms Tendai Ndoro
Regional Director
New Jersey Small Business Development Center @ Rutgers-Newark