Mentor Testimonials

The most valuable aspect about this program is the networking with students and helping them learn the ropes before they get into their careers.  It was also valuable for me to explain what I do and how I use different tools to manage my workload.  In some ways it helped me realize things that I took for granted or learned over time through my various experiences, which would've been helpful for me to learn before starting my career.  

~ Leni John, Contracts Manager, First Solar, Inc.


The benefit for me is in helping to bring more women into potential leadership roles.  Although I will not see a direct return in my "day job," I know that developing more women leaders at all levels is necessary for diverse and capable leadership in future workplaces, short- and long-term.

~ Barbara Weber, Principal, Petasus, LLC


I view the experience as valuable for both parties. The greatest benefit I've received is the satisfaction of giving back to my community. The philanthropic nature of this experience is what I view as the greatest benefit I've received from mentoring this student. I view this program as most valuable because it gives students the guidance they need through the eyes of a successful graduate. It allows you to be more appreciative and understanding of the advice given. Hopefully this transforms into the mentee accepting the advice and using it to their benefit as well.

~ Christopher Pham: Associate, Morgan Stanley


The program allows the mentee access to a professional in their field of interest and access to guidance they may not get in a classroom setting. The greatest benefit for me is giving back and helping the mentee succeed. I have worked with 3 mentees so far and all of them have got internships during my time as a mentor. I would like to think the guidance I offered helped them through the process.

~ Rachel Navarro, Vice President, JP Morgan


The most valuable asset about this program is being able to guide an undergraduate through the rough environment of internships, job applications, and what their goals are long term. Being in this situation not so long ago without a mentor, it was very tough to navigate the whole process of where to apply and how I can achieve my goals. But, with this program, I am able to give back and guide young future professionals on their aspirations and how to get from point A to point B. This is the most valuable asset of the program.

~ Kunal Shah, Portfolio Accountant, Muzinich & Co.


I had a really good experience sharing my professional background with my student, as well as sharing insights to achieve career development and advancement in the workplace.  And besides the satisfaction of helping someone to achieve their goals, I also benefited by building my influencing and communication skills.

~ Marc Jayson, Manager Business Planning, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Inc.