Worldwide demand for the successful development and implementation of technology and innovation as a means to economic growth gained significant emphasis in the late 1980s. The State of New Jersey – with its established strengths in electronics, communications, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and energy – was well-positioned to emerge rapidly as a leader in this exciting new arena. Rutgers’ long-time emphasis on technology made it an ideal partner to support the state’s ambitious technology growth programs.

Rutgers Business School (RBS), under the guidance of Professor George Farris, created the Technology Management Research Center (TMRC) in 1988. Its foundation centered on generating knowledge and fostering ongoing dialogue among industry, government and the university.

During the past two decades, the TMRC has evolved as a valued resource contributing to the strategic priorities of RBS and today remains committed to its initial goals. The Center’s achievements include:

  • Completing dozens of applied research programs involving the successful collaboration of many government agencies and corporations.
  • Establishing a major awards program for faculty and PhD students.
  • Providing editorial involvement in a number of leading publications.
  • Creating a number of academic programs for technology professionals.
  • Financially supporting activities such as PhD student research, faculty and student travel, grant applications, and database purchases.

The TMRC has set a benchmark for research excellence and for advancing the management of technology. Its affiliated faculty and students remain dedicated to helping agencies and companies capitalize successfully on the unprecedented opportunities afforded by the technology of today – and tomorrow.