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Architect Enrique Norton designed Rutgers Business School’s new building on the Livingston Campus to ”represent the personality of a cutting-edge, forward-looking institution.” Read more.
The undergraduate programs at RBS provide students with strong skills in the broad functional areas of business.
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Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick

The Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick offers major programs that lead to the Bachelor of Science degree in the following areas:

The Undergraduate-New Brunswick program offers an Entrepreneurship Minor to non-RBS students.   Courses have both RBS and non-RBS students in them. Such diversity allows for the generation of a variety of ideas and perspectives on problems (for example, having engineering, science, or art majors interact with RBS students).

The suggested course track for this minor will be to first take the Preliminary Core Requirements designed to provide students with general business skills (9 credits), then take the Entrepreneurship Core courses (6 Credits) and finally select an elective (3 credits).

The Undergraduate-New Brunswick program also offers a minor in Business Administration. The 18-credit minor consists of 6 three-credit introductory courses covering each of the disciplinary areas. This combination provides a substantial and comprehensive overview of the major aspects of business administration. Undergraduate degrees in the broad functional areas of business have been offered on the New Brunswick Campus since 1934.

Rutgers Business School has gained a reputation for excellence and we are continuing to improve. We are now admitting top performing students as first year students direct from high school as well as transfer students from within Rutgers and other universities and colleges, which will allow us to provide a superior business education to a larger number of qualified students. More and more companies are interested in hiring our students because they know the value they will gain. These employers not only count on the high academic level of our students but additionally on their motivation and work ethic. 

The Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick has the following mission: to provide a high-quality, program of study for students wishing to pursue professional careers in industry and public accounting firms, to expand the university’s research efforts in the areas of business and managerial issues, to encourage faculty in business studies to serve the business and government communities, and to participate in professional associations.