Finance Major Overview

Starting Fall 2016, there will be two tracks for students who wish to major in finance: 

The requirements for each track are different although there is some overlap. Please note that not every course offered by the Finance and Economics Department will satisfy the requirements for both tracks. However, for students who entered the business school prior to Fall 2016, they may satisfy the major requirements using all courses offered by the Department subject to the requirements listed below. For more information regarding the curriculum overview for the Financial Management and Capital Markets track and the Financial Planning track, please visit the links above.



Students must take at least 24 major credits beyond the school core, including 12 credits of the required courses and at least 12 credits of electives.


School Core Courses
(3 credits)

Course # Title Cr
29:390:329 Finance 3


Required Courses
(12 credits)

Course # Title Cr
29:390:330 Corporate Finance 3
29:390:300 Financial Econometrics 3
29:390:370 Financial Institutions & Markets 3
29:390:315 Investments 3


(12 credits)

Students have the option to choose any combination of the following electives.

Course # Title Cr
29:390:468 Analysis and Fixed Income 3
29:390:495 Capstone: Developing a Financial Plan 3
29:390:466 Estate Planning 3
29:390:331 Ethics in Finance 3
29:390:341 Financial Planning / Insurance 3
29:390:340 Financial Statements 3
29:390:386 Futures and Options 3
29:390:375 International Financial Management 3
29:390:494 Pension Fund Management 3
29:390:467 Retirement Planning 3
29:390:470 Security Analysis 3
29:390:496 Special Topics 3
29:390:469 Taxation Issues affecting Financial Planning 3


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