Hear from Students & Alumni

When evaluating business schools, I found that RBS holds top rankings that recognize achievements in all business majors. In comparison to other universities, RBS Newark has an experienced student community where students work and enroll full-time.  With online resources and a flexible class schedules, RBS Newark understands the special needs of students with a full work load. In addition, I was attracted to the RBS Newark location.  Just outside of New York City, RBS is easily accessible to top companies in the New York area.

RBS has amazing professors. Our professors have made significant strides within the private sector and/or conducting significant research to contribute and expand our understanding of firms’ behaviors and needs.  Thus, professors teach the students on how to become firms’ assets as top performers.  We have class assignments that give the students an opportunity to understand and real challenges faced by firms.  In turn, in job interviews, we are able to speak on how we can contribute to a solution strategy. In addition, RBS students have a solid resource in the Career Management Office that makes sure recruiters know who we are.

Rutgers has demonstrated its commitment to global society, especially, in Newark community.  RBS offers a concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies and I particularly admire the work of the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development.  Working with all sectors, the CUEED is committed in bringing economic growth through urban entrepreneurship. The challenges we face in America’s underserved areas are mirrored in developing areas across the globe. By finding solutions to these domestic issues, we will be able to help those abroad.

- Taeko Clark, Current Student

I chose RBS - Newark because Rutgers has a great name/business school, and it was fairly close for me to commute to.  I found out all my credits were transferable from my county college.  I would be able to graduate quickly upon transferring and hopefully get a great job upon graduation. 

RBS-Newark undergraduate academic advisers/counselors were very concerned from the get go with my progression both academically and professionally in regards to my career.  The advisers/counselors set me up with a mentor my first year and provided advise to steps I should take in obtaining my first internship.  Everyone from career services always was very responsive from the beginning and helped me in getting in touch with all of the recruiters in my chosen business field.

RBS is very up to date with the changes and trends in the global economy.  They understand the education necessary in order to make their students competitive both locally and globally.  The professors take great pride in their students and their work and realize that their students success is also their success. I now work at Deloitte Tax LLP and I couldn't be more grateful for the support I received at RBS Newark.

- Joshua Ofner, Alumnus

RBS was part of my past, now it’s part of my future; I started at Rutgers Newark and returned to finish my degree. It has been a very positive experience! Upon my return to school, I had an idea what I wanted to study but was not sure. Thanks to the influence and advice of some of my professors and advisement staff, I was able to make a choice that I think will be challenging and rewarding. The administration here at RBS Newark not only has been supportive in many ways but challenges you to think; in preparing you for the complex world of business.

The selection of classes taken at RBS Newark not only emphasizes the business world no longer has borders, but prepares you for the challenges of being part of a global society.  Rutgers Newark, being one of the most diverse schools with many different cultures and languages spoken creates a learning experience “outside of the classroom” of the global society.

- Frank Penna, Adult Student


I can go on and on about how much I love this school. I am blessed with such good teachers, who give more than 100 % to help us achieve our goals. Since I graduated high school, I have always had dream to continue my education at Rutgers Business School. I chose this school because it is challenging and has a great reputation for academic excellence.

At RBS, I have received the best support from everyone including teachers, tutors, and advisors. I truly feel blessed to have chosen this school. I am now well prepared to take the next step in becoming a great accountant.

- Sonila Xheraj, International Transfer Student


I choose RBS because I was looking for an education that would prepare me for today’s business world. I knew the Newark campus was the perfect fit for me after my first visit. The campus allowed me to be a part of the globally recognized RBS community in one of New Jersey’s largest cities while having the personalized attention of smaller classes. RBS Newark gave me the opportunity to work with a diverse and talented group of people that I still keep in contact with today.

RBS prepared me for my career as a publishing representative by allowing me to think outside of the box and come up with unique solutions to solve complex issues. Everything from the curriculum to the student leadership opportunities at RBS is created to help students thrive. I was exposed to a magnitude of real-world experiences that helped me build my portfolio and have directly impacted who I am as a business professional. With the business environment constantly changing, I have my experiences at RBS to look back on and help me pave the way towards an atmosphere based on ethical principles and respect.  

The diversity at RBS Newark prepared me to contribute in today’s global economy. I thrived at RBS Newark and become a student leader working to connect students and professionals while paving the way for future generations to come. Having had the opportunity to work with such talented and motivated professors and peers, gave me the practice working with the industry leaders of today and tomorrow. In my career, I work for a global publishing company where diversity of background and thought is encouraged. If it were not for my RBS experiences to look back on, I don’t think I would have had the skills and traits that made me a competitive candidate to land my dream career.

- Christina Ruiz, Alumnus


Choosing a college or university that will provide you with the tools to succeed, especially in Corporate America is a difficult decision for any student. Additionally, students want to attend an institution in which they can have some influence in the classroom, thus taking ownership of their education. In making my decision of a university to attend, I knew that Rutgers possessed qualified professors with working experience that would translate to effective and interactive learning. Additionally, as a student that worked part time to pay tuition, Rutgers Business School's broad class offering was conducive to my schedule.

One of the most important factors in my decision to attend RBS was the touted statistic of being the most diverse university in the nation. Through my experiences at RBS, I found this attribute to be invaluable in allowing me to interact with students, faculty and staff of varying backgrounds and walks of life.  Moreover, the network of friends and colleagues that I was able to establish as an RBS student has enabled me to easily transition to a work environment where exceptional soft skills are necessary.  
As an Alumni of Rutgers Business School, I can confidently say that I was thoroughly prepared to be a leader. RBS was truly supportive of its student organizations and promoted student leaders to be active in leading initiatives and hosting events on campus.  The challenging and cutting edge curriculum taught by some of the most respected professors in the accounting field also helped me tremendously in being adequately prepared for my current role as a Tax Associate for one of the largest accounting firms in the world. RBS faculty along with the Career Development Center proved to be helpful resources that equipped me with the skills necessary to be recruited by elite financial firms, obtain an interview and essential land a full-time position.  
RBS has prepared me to contribute to the global society by exposing me to opportunities that I may have never had at any other university.  Being a student on the most diverse campus in the nation afforded me the opportunity to interact and network with both like-minded and unique thinkers which made for an interesting college experience.  Additionally, the curriculum and the professors were aptly prepared to address current issues within today's global economy with reference to the course.  In conclusion, because RBS allowed me to express myself both in and outside the classroom, take advantage of various opportunities as a student leader and provided me with a quality education, it is my firm belief that it is the premier institution for any student seeking to study business in today's revolutionary economy.

- Christopher Thomas, Alumnus


The quality of education, dedicated professors, prestige of the school and diverse student body were all obvious reasons for choosing RBS-Newark. Not to be forgotten is the convenient location, affordable tuition, brand new facilities, and numerous student groups and extracurricular opportunities provided by the University.

With a clear cut curriculum, RBS Newark, has offered me all the necessary courses in Finance, Accounting and Supply Chain Management to ensure that I have the foundation to be successful later in life. Furthermore, with an easy to use Career Development website and program I have been afforded every opportunity to network with as many companies as I desired.

All of my studies, professors, and the courses offered, have emphasized the individual responsibility of each student to adhere to a code of ethics and use their talents and education to better the lives of those less fortunate.

- Matt Toriello, Transfer Student


RBS Newark has a tremendously rewarding program filled with professors who are from the industry and can offer direct expertise and insight for students. The business like atmosphere allows us students to not only experience college life, but to be placed in a mock work environment where we treat professors like bosses, network with colleagues, and gain great practice with presentation intensive courses. The small and personalized environment of the Rutgers Newark campus has allowed for one on one interaction with the professor, a close knit community and friendly campus, and have contributed to the overall wonderful experience I’ve had here.

The greatest part about this campus revolves around the diversity that I’ve been exposed to. Not only have I gained greater appreciation and knowledge about other cultures, religions, and ethnicities. But I have also been able to gain new and interesting perspectives and unique ways of solving problems and case studies. The distinctive backgrounds of my colleagues has contributed to their different methodologies in resolving the same concept. The wide array of all of our networks and the exchange of contacts has also been a great tool.

I think all of these experiences have helped me prepare for my future endeavors. I have been able to offer insights and support, play devil’s advocate in order to prepare contingency plans for projects, and share my contacts and networking information when relevant. The experiences I’ve had with employers and events through our extra-curricular activities have also been a great way of learning first hand advice from professionals and hiring managers. Hopefully my personal involvement in these organizations and events has contributed in providing others with useful tips on how to be successful in their career.

With such a rewarding experience from this campus and my willingness to persevere through challenges and raise standards in facing new heights, I hope that I have been mutually able to create synergy for myself and my classmates here at Rutgers Newark Business School.

- Moska Naderi, Student


I chose RBS – Newark because RBS seems to offer something for every walk of life with its strong curriculum and its vibrant extracurricular scene.  Its’ undergraduate Supply Chain Management (SCM) program is ranked #3 in the country.  As a former Automated Logistics Specialist in the US military, RBS – Newark’s SCM program was the perfect fit for me.  Besides its commitment to diversity, I also like RBS - Newark because of the small classes and the one-on-one attention I knew I would receive from professors.

In our global economy, supply chains pose major challenges regarding cost, quality, and value as escalating global operations require increasingly global coordination and planning to achieve global optimums.  I believe that RBS – Newark will prepare me to become an effective citizen who engages creatively and ethically with the complex issues facing the world.  Through RBS – Newark’s academic and co-curricular programs, students learn to become innovative, interconnected, and aware.

- Shaun DeLoatch, Military Veteran & Student


I chose Rutgers Newark because I was interested in studying finance and wanted a campus that was not too big.  The opportunities are endless especially since we are just minutes away from the city.  The staff is always helpful and willing to help as needed.  Along with that, we have a diverse community that adds to the fact that the opportunities to learn and grow are not only in the classroom, but all over campus as well.
RBS has helped me connect with numerous professors along with gave me the opportunity to become involved in different organizations that have given me the opportunity to network and become active in the business environment on campus.  I have seen myself grow since my freshman year and I can say that RBS has helped me through the process.
I have taken several classes at RBS that have helped me in my internships and at my co-op.  Being given the opportunity to deal with professionals and professors, I have a growing network that I can rely on.  I can take what I have learnt in the classroom and now input that knowledge in the real world.

- Sonia Vaid, Student


I chose RBS Newark because I wanted to go to a nationally ranked and diverse business school close to home. The different programs, student organizational activities, and faculty and staff of RBS have helped me prepare for my career in a significant way. RBS has numerous student organizations that help students build different skills and traits, such as leadership, networking, and communication that they can carry into their professional careers. In addition, professors at RBS have provided me with a world of knowledge, where I have been able to apply them to my career. By being the most diverse school in the country, I have been able to learn different things from the students and professors at RBS that has allowed me to contribute to a global society.

- Ramon Rodriguez, Alumnus


I chose Rutgers Business School because they have a great academic reputation, knowledgeable professors, diverse student body, and convenient location. Rutgers has a good reputation for producing top level business graduates. The professors are very intelligent and supportive.

Rutgers prepared me for my career through in class learning, group projects, and internships. I learned how to multitask, solve problems, prioritize, and time management in order to meet due dates for my assignments. I also played the team leader for a few group projects where we work in a team environment to analysis and present real life cases. These are skills and knowledge that employees look for in any career.

Rutgers has prepared me to contribute to the global society through interactions with the nation’s most diverse student community. My classmates and professors came from different parts of the world; it’s possible to find at least one person from every country at Rutgers Business School. I learned different ideas and ways of communicating and conducting businesses with individuals from different backgrounds, in order to contribute to the global society.

- Marlon Trowers, Student


I chose RBS Newark because it is one of the top business schools in the Northeast region. RBS has prepared me for my career by offering me a variety of courses that enrich my knowledge of business. In addition, RBS has weekly seminars that prep you for various aspects of the business world such as job interviews and networking. With the amount of group activities assigned in my classes, I have learned to effectively communicate amongst peers which is a tangible skill that I can take into the workforce.

RBS has instilled in me that hard work will pay off both in school and in my career. Representatives of several of the major financial companies in the United States come to RBS each semester to recruit students at the regularly held career fairs because of its’ reputation and being within minutes of the financial district in New York City.

RBS has prepared me to contribute to the global society by giving me the exposure to the importance of creating relationships with people from different backgrounds and providing leadership skills needed to pave a path for me to be successful and to follow my dreams.

- Ruddy Lopez, Student


I chose RBS due to its overwhelming recommendations put forward by students and faculty while I was at Essex County College. RBS brought me current with changing industry trends.  The professors were quite learned and imparted critical information in a timely manner. Through increasing research, I became far more knowledgeable and familiar with strategies and policies being implemented through the use of global information and technology sharing among businesses; as they strive to survive the current global economic crisis.

- Donald Clarke, Adult Student


The location, efficiency of earning a high-quality education at in state tuition cost, and experiences that result from attending college in city aura are the reasons I attended Rutgers Newark Business School.  The location of Rutgers Newark Business School allotted me the opportunity to meet many employers who are based in Newark, and New York. The college conducts a number of networking events throughout the year where students can congregate with employers to learn the ins and outs of entering the job market after graduation. Rutgers Newark Business School has prepared me for my career through their unique hands-on teaching style. These hands-on scenarios that companies have experienced, whether good or bad provided me with the experience and ability to develop creative and critical thinking skills as we were responsible for providing alternatives during these simulations.

Rutgers Newark also provides students with the ability to make a difference in their community by allowing them to create and/or join student organizations. The experiences and knowledge I have gained from being involved in student organizations are tremendous and fills the gaps that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Rutgers Newark Business School prepared me to contribute to the global society through their diverse student body and knowledge of the conducting business internationally. I learned how to adapt to different cultures just from being in the classroom.

- Peter Schlittenhardt, Alumni


I chose RBS Newark because it offered me a chance to learn from great professors within close proximity to New York City.  In addition, RBS has prepared me to contribute to the global society because RBS has presented me with the opportunity to learn from other students and professors who come to this school from across the world.

- John Schlesinger, Adult Student


I chose Rutgers University because of its excellent reputation as one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country with a highly recognizable and competitive undergraduate business program. Rutgers also offers an extremely diverse multicultural community which better prepares students with the relationship building skills necessary to compete in the professional world after graduation. Hands down, Rutgers University offers the most complete and comprehensive educational experience you can find.

- Jonathan S. Walker, Alumnus


"I chose to attend Rutgers Business School for three reasons: it is close to home, affordable, and the reputation of institution itself is well known across the country. Our undergraduate and MBA programs are both ranked in Business Week, a very well-known magazine by employers, other schools, and students. Rutgers Business School cultivates its students in such a comprehensive undergraduate program that accomplishing your goals become the most rewarding experience you could even imagine. I have to say, professionally and personally Rutgers Business School has shaped my future. "

- Jeffrey Thomas, Alumnus