Accepted & Published Papers

Choong Tze Chua, Sandy Lai and Yangru Wu, “Effective Fair Pricing of International Mutual Funds”, Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.

Ronald Balvers and Yangru Wu, “Optimal Transaction Filters under Transitory Trading Opportunities: Theory and Empirical Illustration”, Journal of Financial Markets, forthcoming.

Daniel Weaver, Amber Anand and Carsten Tanggaard, “Paying for Market Quality” Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.

Daniel Weaver, Sonia Falconieri and Albert Murphy. “Underpricing and Ex-Post Value Uncertainty” Financial Management, forthcoming .

Daniel Weaver, Tim Eaton and John Nofsinger. “Disclosure and the Cost of Equity Capital in International Cross-Listing” Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, forthcoming.

Daniel Weaver, Dave Porter, Carsten Tanggaard, and Wei Yu, “Dispersed Trading and the Prevention of Market Failure: The Case of the Copenhagen Stock Exchange,” European Financial Management, forthcoming.

Dongcheol Kim, Darius Palia, and Anthony Saunders, "The Impact of Commercial Banks on Underwriting Spreads: Evidence From Three Decades," Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.

Farrokh Langdana, Macroeconomic Policy: Demystifying Monetary and Fiscal Policy, 2nd Edition, Forthcoming

Simi Kedia and Thomas Phillipon, “The Economics of Fraudulent Accounting,” Review of Financial Studies, Forthcoming

Simi Kedia and Shiva Rajgopal, “Neighborhood Matters: The impact of Location of Broad-based Option Plans” Journal of Financial Economics, Forthcoming.

Simi Kedia and Venkatesh Panchapagesan, “Why do only Some NASDAQ Firms Switch to NYSE?” Journal of Financial Markets, Forthcoming

Michael Crew and  P.R. Kleindorfer, Competition and Regulation in the Postal and Delivery Sector, (Ed.), Edward Elgar, Forthcoming

K. John, S. Abraham Ravid and Z. Fluck, "Privatization under Political Constraints- Auctions vs. Private Negotiations"  Journal of Banking and Finance, Forthcoming .

S. Abraham Ravid,  R.Ofer, V. Pons, I. Venezia and S. Zuta. Preferred stocks and Taxes - a theoretical and empirical investigation” Journal of Financial Stability.

Cheng-Few Lee and Alice C. Lee, Handbook of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management, Springer Academic Publishers, forthcoming, 2009

Cheng Few Lee, Kin-Wai Lee and Gillian Hian-Heng Yeo, “Convertible Debt around the World and Investor Protection,” Journal of Banking and Finance, Forthcoming, 2009


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