The following papers have received support from the Whitcomb Center and have been accepted for presentation at a major conference. To view the most recent papers, please click here.


WCRFS: 06-01
The Effects of Institutional Ownership and Monitoring: Evidence from Financial Reporting Practices
Authors: Natasha Burns, University of Georgia; Simi Kedia, Rutgers University; and Marc Lipson, University of Virginia

WCRFS: 06-02
The Economics of Fraudulent Accounting
Authors: Simi Kedia, Rutgers University; and Thomas Philippon, New York University, CEPR and NBER.

WCRFS: 06-03
Evidence of Jointness in the Terms of Relationship Lending
Authors: Ivan E. Brick and Darius Palia, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-04
Stock Price Response To Calls Of Convertible Bonds: Still A Puzzle
Authors: Ivan E. Brick, Oded Palmon and Dilip Kumar Patro, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-05
Board Monitoring and Firm Risk
Authors: Ivan E. Brick and N. K. Chidambaran, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-06
Yield Elasticity: A New, Objective Measure of Interest-Rate Risk
Author: Lawrence Fisher, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-07
From the IPO to the First Trade: Is Underpricing Related to the Opening Mechanism?
Authors: Sonia Falconieri, Tilburg University; Albert Murphy, Manhatten College; Daniel Weaver, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-08
Paying for Market Quality
Authors: Amber Anand, University of Central Florida; Carsten Tanggaard, Aarhus School of Business; Daniel G. Weaver, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-09
Long-term Wealth from Investing in a New Technology: The Returns and Their Changing Characteristics
Authors: Michael S. Long, Rutgers University; Robert L. Porter, Quinnipiac University

WCRFS: 06-10
The Effect of State Laws on Capital Structure
Authors: John K. Wald and Michael S. Long, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-11
Is Goodwill Really an Asset?
Author: David E. Vance, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-12
The Value of Columnists' Stock Recommendations
Authors: Dan Palmon, Ephraim F. Sudit, Ari Yezegel, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-13
Changing Business Environment and the Value Relevance of Accounting Information
Authors: Virginia Cortijo, University of Huelva, Dan Palmon, Ari Yezegel, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-14
Changes in Executive Compensation Following an Environmental Shift:  The Role of Top Management Team Turnover
Authors: Theresa S. Cho, Rutgers University, Wei Shen, University of Florida

WCRFS: 06-15
The Confirmatory Role of Mandatory Accounting:  Accounting as a Disciplinary Mechanism for Managers' Estimates and Analysts' Forecasts
Author: Yoel Beniluz, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-16
Does Size Matter?  Liquidity Provision by the Nasdaq Anonymous Trading Facility
Author: Bruce Mizrach, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-17
Evaluation of Robust Estimation Methods for the Capital Asset Pricing Model
Authors: James McDonald, Brigham Young University, Richard A. Michelfelder, Rutgers University, Panayiotis Theodossiou, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-18
A Re-evaluation of Auditor's Opinions Versus Statistical Models in Bankruptcy Prediction
Author: Lili Sun, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-19
Does Better Corporate Governance "Cause" Better Firm Performance?
Authors: N.K. Chidambaran, Darius Palia, Yudan Zheng, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-20
Explaining Firm Willingness to Forfeit Tax Deductions under Internal Revenue Code Section
162(m): The Million-dollar Cap
Authors: Steven Balsam, Temple University and Jennifer Yin, Rutgers University at Camden

WCRFS: 06-21
An Empirical Evaluation of Analysts' Herding Behavior Following Regulation Fair Disclosure
Authors: Yaw M. Mensah, Rutgers University and Rong Yang, SUNY at Brockport

WCRFS: 06-22
Management Earnings Forecasts and Simultaneous Release of Earnings News
Author: Yoel Beniluz, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-23
The Capital Market Implications of the Frequency of Interim Financial Reporting: An International Analysis
Authors: Yaw M. Mensah and Robert Werner, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-24
Does the Stock Market  Punish Corporate Malfeasance? A Case Study of Citigroup
Authors: Bruce Mizrach and Susan Zhang Weerts, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-25
The Value Relevance of Changes in Financial Leverage
Authors: Valentin Dimitrov, Rutgers University and Prem C. Jain, Georgetown University

WCRFS: 06-26
Corporate Governance and Earnings Management at Large U.S. Bank Holding Companies
Authors: Marcia Millon Cornett, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Jamie John McNutt, Rutgers University at Camden, and Hassan Tehranian, Boston College

WCRFS: 06-27
The Effect of Corporate Governance Structure on Employee Stock Option Accounting and Disclosure
Authors: Kevin C. K. Lam, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Yaw M. Mensah, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-28
Earnings Management Risk Exposure and the Pricing of Earnings
Author: Emeka T. Nwaeze, Rutgers University at Camden

WCRFS: 06-29
The Enron Bankruptcy: When Did the Options Market Lose Its Smirk?
Author: Bruce Mizrach, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-30
Experts Online: An Analysis of Trading Activity in a Public Internet Chat Room
Authors: Bruce Mizrach and Susan Weerts, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-31
Financial Distress and Earnings Management: Effectiveness of Independent Audit Committees
Authors: Bikki Jaggi and Lili Sun, Rutgers University

WCRFS: 06-32
Do Nonaudit Services Enhance Value? Evidence from the Capital Markets
Authors: Seong-Yeon Cho, Drexel University, Jongoo Han, Rutgers University at Camden, and Kevin F. Brown, Wright State University

The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 on the Value Relevance of Non-audit Fees
Authors: Kevin F. Brown, Wright State University, Seong-Yeon Cho, Drexel University, and Jongsoo Han, Rutgers University at Camden

WCRFS: 06-34
Status "Leakage" in the Executive Suite: The Impact of CEO Status Attainment on the Economics Outcomes of Other Senior Managers
Authors: Scott D. Graffin, University of Georgia, James B. Wade, Rutgers University, and Joseph F. Porac, New York University

WCRFS: 06-35
Multi-Level Study of Sanctions: The Importance of Second-Order Sanctions
Author: Danielle E. Warren, Rutgers University