Recent Additions to the EMBA Program

Paul Profeta, renowned real-estate developer and philanthropist, speaks with the REMBA Class at Dolce


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Recent Additions to Rutgers EMBA

Please visit one of our Open Houses for the most recent curricular changes to The Powerhouse. The program evolves constantly and quickly, along with global business. This is one of our claims to fame and the source of many of our global rankings. Attend an Open House and experience Rutgers EMBA classes.

Prof. Sopranzetti

Professor Ben Sopranzetti, Ph.D. teaches a capstone course, Driving the Bus: The Keys to Linking Business and Financial Strategy.  One of the key differentiators between an EMBA and a traditional MBA is that MBAs specialize in and are hired to fulfill a specific functional role within a firm, whereas EMBAs are hired to drive revenues and enhance cash flows.  MBAs are needed on the bus, but EMBAs are hired to drive it.  This course takes direct aim at this crucial skill by providing a holistic exploration of how C-level executives manage the entire balance sheet, rather than just assets, in order to drive revenues by creating and sustaining comparative advantages in their product market.  Even the most forward-thinking and innovative business strategies are worthless if the firm doesn't have access to the funds to implement them.

Professor Sopranzetti is widely regarded as a master teacher and is a veteran of our Asian Executive MBA Programs. His deep industry knowledge, and his engaging and dynamic teaching style garnered him sixteen awards for Excellence in Teaching.  In 2008, Professor Sopranzetti was selected by Business Week as one of their twenty-one Favorite Professors.

Prof. Govindaraj

Professor Suresh Govindaraj is a two-time Paul Nadler Teaching Excellence award winner and was named one of the top 15 Forensic Accounting Professors in the U.S. by He teaches a Financial Statement Analysis course and weaves in a module on "Models of Bankruptcy" in this course.

Derivatives have often been unfairly blamed for financial disasters by people who misused these instruments. The objective of Demystifying and Exploiting Derivatives and Options is to introduce EMBAs to the possibilities, potential, and pitfalls, that derivative instruments bring to the table for corporate and individual financial planning. The topics covered in this new course include the valuation of derivatives, incorporating derivatives in corporate financial planning, constructing hedge strategies, and discussions of the risks and benefits of derivatives. Note: a course on derivatives is usually not part of EMBA programs around the world.

Prof. Robinson

Professor Robinson is an award winning business school professor, international speaker and entrepreneur.  He is an associate professor of management and entrepreneurship at Rutgers Business School and the Academic Director of The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development and a recipient of the Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship John Jack Award presented at the USASBE (United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship) Annual Conference. Dr. Robinson is a sought after speaker and trainer in many Fortune 100 Corporations, foundations and leading social sector organizations including Wells Fargo, PSEG, KIPP Schools, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Comcast.

In his Foundations of Entrepreneurship course, you will learn how to skillfully combine capital, opportunities, innovation and networks to disrupt industries, create wealth, and use innovation to solve consumer and social problems.  In addition to the traditional topics of opportunity recognition, business planning, and entrepreneurial finance we will also explore the topics of corporate venturing, social entrepreneurship and the relationship between entrepreneurship and economic development.  This course will appeal to individuals who have a strong desire to become entrepreneurs, work in startups, or invest in early stage companies.  This course will also be immensely valuable to those who will work in venture capital, where they are dealing with new or relatively new ventures.

Prof. Soled

Professor Jay Soled is a tenured professor at Rutgers University and Director of Rutgers Masters in Taxation Program.  He is admitted to practice in New Jersey, the U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey, and New York.  He is a member of the Essex County (Section of Taxation) and American Bar Associations.  A magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Haverford College, he holds a Juris Doctor degree from University of Michigan School of Law, cum laude, and a Master of Laws degree in Taxation from the New York University School of Law where he was an editor of the Tax Law Review.

Over his tenure at Rutgers, Professor Soled has a flare for the classroom.  The recipient of five teaching awards, he brings amination to what others might think is a dry subject.  Aside from having written numerous law review articles, books, and op-eds, Professor Soled has been featured as a tax expert on several television shows and radio programs. Professor Soled has also been an expert witness in close to a dozen tax matter controversies.

For EMBA, Professor Jay A. Soled presents a short session entitled “Basic Tax Principles Every MBA Candidate Should Know.”  This session covers a wide array of topics, including what qualifies as taxable income, allowable exemptions, and permissible deductions. Professor Soled also presents a complete overview of the tax-sensitive decisions entrepreneurs must consider when establishing a business, concentrating on those planning aspects which are the most tax efficacious.

Prof. Rennie

You are the CEO of a multinational conglomerate. A press release was tweeted from a local environmental group stating that your manufacturing plant is improperly disposing untreated and toxic chemicals into the community’s waterway.  While the press release is inaccurate, your stock price has tanked since the story broke.  You have an interview on CNN in five minutes.  What do you say?

As leaders rise through the ranks, they will face issues that thrust them into the spotlight and threaten the corporate reputation for which they are responsible. A recent study found that 9 in 10 business leaders (94%, to be precise) admit that the senior executives in their companies need more training in core communication disciplines, such as reputation management and corporate communication.

Are you prepared?

Rutgers EMBAs will be trained to deal with corporate communication challenges via strategic issues management, media relations and crisis communication in a “Strategic Media Relations and Crisis Communication Class” led by Dr. Kathleen Donohue Rennie, Ph.D., APR, Fellow PRSA.

Dr. Rennie is the unique combination of full-time public relations professional and full-time professor. With 20+ years of experience through her public relations consulting firm, Kathy successfully develops and implements strategic communications campaigns for a broad range of clients, including those in pharmaceutical, healthcare, education, banking, technology, energy, business-to-business, and more.

Before forming her firm, Dr. Rennie was a spokesperson and media relations representative for NJ TRANSIT. She has conducted a wide variety of corporate and nonprofit seminars focused on communication management and strategy.  

Prof. Wilson

Chris Wilson served active duty in the Marine Corps as an Infantry Officer serving two deployments to Afghanistan in 2009 and 2011.  He graduated REMBA 2015 and has since assisted in the development of the miniMBA program for veterans at Rutgers University.  He currently is the Director of Strategic Growth for Headstrong Project, a 501(c)(3).  Headstrong Project’s mission is to provide cost free, stigma free, and bureaucracy free mental healthcare to post 9/11 combat veterans. Chris was the recipient of the Prestigious Rutgers EMBA Director’s Award in 2015.

The focus of Prof. Wilson’s module, "Command Presence: Owning the Situation" is how business leaders must address their organizations in the most difficult situations.  How to project the right tone?  How to project the right “face” to your team in times of great crises?   How to ensure morale by projecting confidence, and how to make rapid-fire decisions in times of turmoil. The goal for the students is to walk away understanding how to keep your team inspired and staying on mission for the organization in these moments of chaos.


Prof. Erraji

Professor Loubna Erraji’s session on “Managing Cultural Diversity in the Workplace” will focus on exploring practices and challenges faced by individuals, teams, and leaders in today’s organizations through in-class discussion of fundamental concepts related to cultural diversity. During this course Rutgers EMBAs will have the opportunity to discuss the importance of understanding and managing cultural differences and intra-group diversity in global organizations, and why effectively managing cultural diversity is a competitive advantage.

As most executives, Rutgers EMBAs are leaders who live in a highly diverse environment, work in increasingly global and diverse organizations, and interact with colleagues and business partners who do not always share a common history or culture. Hence managing cultural diversity across and within organizations and nations is a critical managerial skill.

Professor Loubna Erraji is an award-winning Management Consultant, Scientist, and Professor at Rutgers Business School. She has more than 15 years of global experience working across three continents and occupying field-based and managerial positions within the pharmaceutical industry.

Prof. Kiess

Professor Braun C. Kiess is teaching a course on Lean Startups: How to Create, Finance, Run and Sell Them that challenges students to identify opportunity, build new lean ventures around those opportunities, and mitigate risk. This two part module focuses on mitigating the biggest risk there is in launching a new venture: building something nobody wants. In this section students explore the new paradigms of continuous innovation, rapid customer discovery /validation, and the path to -- and importance of -- discovering your Hedgehog Concept. This learning will build on the seminal work and insights of Jim Collins (Good to Great, 2001), Eric Ries (Lean Startup, 2011), and Steve Blank (The Startup Manual, 2012).

Professor Kiess is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and educator. He sits on several corporate boards and has over 14 years of experience in a diverse range of industries.  His professional roles have included Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and Director of Business Development. Mr. Kiess holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance (Summa Cum Laude) from Rutgers University and has Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degrees from both Columbia Business School and London Business School (Global Executive MBA Program).

Prof. Eventoff

Professor Matt Eventoff will present “The Art of Communication” which will focus on helping each EMBA student become a more effective professional communicator where it matters most - in high pressure situations such as board meetings, investor pitches, crucial meetings and even hostile forums.  Each EMBA student will learn how to communicate with confidence, and with purpose.   From learning how to structure persuasive presentations, to learning how to communicate with "executive presence" (verbal and non–verbal communication strategies) each participant can expect to leave this workshop a more confident and compelling communicator.  

Matt Eventoff is owner of Princeton Public Speaking and works with senior executives from leading multinational organizations, the U.S. Department of State, YPO-WPO (Young Presidents' Organization – World Presidents' Organization) and leaders from myriad other industries. He has trained clients throughout the United States, South America, Central America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.

He is the author of Oratore: The Art of Communication, It Really Is As Simple As ABC: What Leaders Can Learn From Masterful Orators, and the co-author of History’s Greatest Leaders and You.

Visit to learn more about Professor Eventoff.

Prof. Kurtzberg

Professor Terri R. Kurtzberg will present the “Secrets of Successful Virtual Teams” module which will focus on helping each EMBA student become more effective at leading and participating in virtual team interactions. Both common virtual team problems and realistic solutions will be discussed on topics ranging from early team interactions and building trust to coordination difficulties and leadership challenges. Problems created by electronic communication will also be addressed.

Professor Kurtzberg is Associate Professor of Management and Global Business at Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick. She was trained at the University of Chicago (BA/MA), the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (PhD), and Harvard Business School (visiting PhD student). She has also taught at the Stern School of Business at NYU. Her areas of expertise include virtual teams, e-mail communications, negotiation strategies and tactics, and organizational creativity. Her primary research focuses on technology and how communicating via computer (e-mail and instant messenger tools, for example) changes organizational outcomes such as negotiations, feedback, group cooperation, knowledge sharing, and blame.

Professor Kurtzberg’s work has been cited in major media outlets such as Fortune Magazine, The New York Times,, and on the BBC World Service radio program, among others. Her published work appears in journals such as Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Applied Psychology, Group Dynamics, and Social Justice Research.

She is the author of Virtual Teams: Mastering Communication and Collaboration in the Digital Age, and is the co-author of The Essentials of Job Negotiations: Proven Strategies for Getting What You Want. She is the recipient of multiple teaching and research awards.

Prof. Mukherjee

Professor Mukherjee – professor, trainer, and consultant in Marketing and Brand Management – delivers modules at REMBA that address critical emerging issues pertaining to marketing and brand management, such as: How can firms effectively differentiate their offerings to remain competitive in the marketplace? How does a firm optimize its product-market choice in this new globalized world? How can building, managing, and leveraging brands contribute to creating customer value? What is the role of innovation in marketing and brand building? How does marketing relate to corporate strategy in new and extant, large and small, and public and private firms across consumer, business-to-business, service and technology sectors? Prof. Mukherjee extensively uses business case studies and research projects to offer hands-on learning in marketing that allows participants to position themselves as brands and empowers them to be immediately effective in their cutting-edge business organizations.

Prof. Andrews





















Prof. De Lia

Rutgers EMBA alum, Carrie Andrews, currently the Global Head of Strategic Partnerships for Bloomberg Vault presents a highly applied, short module on Effective Executive Writing. 

The Executive Wiring module will prepare students to answer the following questions effectively; How to write a compelling proposal?   How to perform resultant "internal" marketing---that is, to sell your idea to your boss at work?  How to engage your audience in the very first sentence of your report, or even your email?  How to convey news that may not be perceived as "good news"?

This hands-on module is specifically designed for participants who may be transitioning from technical backgrounds into the world of business, or transitioning from middle-management into senior management. In all these situations, the writing simply has to be tighter and must convey not just the obvious written content but the underlying "subtext' of the message.

Carrie Andrews has nearly fifteen years of marketing, communications and business development experience in the professional services, financial services and technology industries. Prior to joining Bloomberg, Carrie served as Americas Marketing Leader for the Forensic Services practice at Ernst & Young LLP. Carrie began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and spent nearly ten years in marketing, sales and communications roles. Carrie received her Executive MBA in Marketing from Rutgers University, and she holds a BA in Organizational Communications from the College of Saint Elizabeth.  


Professor Emilio De Lia presents an "Innovation Management" module as part of the Organizational Behavior class. The course is designed to help students understand the importance of innovation to the performance of their company and to express to others how to manage an ongoing innovation system in their company. In addition students are taught how to identify and develop innovation management skills.

Dr. De Lia is the Executive Director of Rutgers Business School's Network for Innovation Expertise Development (NIED). He has also been successful in: starting, growing and turning around businesses; the innovation, marketing and operations of global services; creating growth strategies; and managing mergers and acquisitions. He is also a former executive at AT&T and Prudential Financial and past president of the internet start-up company, Educated Search. In addition, he is an executive coach in private practice and has coached leaders from diverse industries. He is the co-author of From Cross Purposes to Cooperation: The Ten Factors that Unify a Cross-Functional Team. He completed his MBA through Rutgers Executive MBA Program and his Ph.D. from Rutgers Business School.

Prof. Singh

Professor Gurpreet Singh is a national award winning Thought Leader, consultant, entrepreneur, coach and educator. In addition to being an adjunct professor at Rutgers, he is the founder and head of the consulting firm Strategic Supply Chain & Six Sigma Consulting LLC. He provides coaching and training in the field of Lean Six Sigma methodologies, Change Management and Organizational redesign. Lean Six Sigma is a management philosophy used to achieve operational excellence by maximizing efficiency through change and incorporating the customer’s voice. “Lean” focuses on reduction of waste and “Six Sigma” focuses on variation. We are living in a world where things change suddenly, new products are introduced quickly, profit margins are very low, there is no place for error and continuous improvement is the norm.  Consumers and clients demand and expect near-perfect quality at a very reasonable cost.

Professor Gurpreet Singh will be teaching this course that has been designed specifically for REMBA executives. Participants will learn how to use Lean Six Sigma quality, management and planning tools to achieve operational excellence in various industries including Healthcare, IT, Finance, Education, Pharmaceuticals and the public sector. In addition, they will learn how to manage change through various team dynamics and hard-hitting case studies. At the end of the course, participants will be eligible to get certified as a "Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Executive" after passing an exam


Prof. Karafin


Prof. Dobrzykowski


Dr. Barry Karafin, Former VP at Lucent, is a key ingredient in Rutgers EMBA's #5 worldwide ranking in Strategy (BusinessWeek). His course is constantly modified to be a capstone learning event that involves supply chain analysis, marketing, strategy, economics, organizational theory, finance and leadership. Professor Karafin has been awarded the EMBA Excellence in Teaching Award on several occasions.


Dr. David Dobrzykowski  teaches “Supply Chain Management – A Pathway to Improving Healthcare Delivery?” Colossal regulatory, technological, and societal changes have placed healthcare provider organizations are under unprecedented pressure to improve clinical quality and patient satisfaction, all while reducing costs. Healthcare leaders, including physicians, are looking for innovative ways to understand and address these challenges. Fortunately, these pressures are not unlike those overcome by manufacturers around the advent of Supply Chain Management (SCM), but the healthcare delivery context IS very different! This course prepares EMBA students to effectively lead their organizations from a process-oriented perspective, centered on best practices for managing information, materials, and financial exchanges (value creation) among their network partners. Students learn how to adapt key SCM concepts to address the unique conditions present in their operational environments, using healthcare delivery as an illustrative context. As a result, healthcare sector professions will leave with innovative ideas about how to improve cost, quality, and patient satisfaction outcomes, while students from other industry sectors will gain a fresh view on how SCM can be adapted to improve organizational performance.                          

Dr. Dobrzykowski is a tenure track Assistant Professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management and serves as Co-Director of the Masters of Science in Healthcare Services Management program. Prior to joining Rutgers University, Dr. Dobrzykowski served in a variety of management and leadership roles in the healthcare sector, including Regional CEO of a national diagnostic imaging organization, where he managed all operations of an existing outpatient facility while launching three startups. His research identifies best practices for information processing and the coordination of work among hospitals, physicians and other providers, and has been presented in six countries on three continents. Dr. Dobrzykowsk has won a number of awards for his healthcare research including the 2015 Decision Sciences Institute's Best Lean Enterprise Paper Award and the 2012 Decision Sciences Institute's Distinguished Paper in the Healthcare Management Track. Business Insight: Applying supply chain management concepts to make healthcare delivery more efficient 

Prof. Dobrzykowski also offers valuable advice on what to do when one finds himself snowed in... 

Prof. Suk

Professor Jing Suk presents Web Analytics through practical applications, with a focus on deriving actionable insights through the use of digital analytics.  The course provides a broad overview of key web analytics strategies, concepts, issues, challenges and tools.

The course is designed to provide a framework to help marketers, businesses and students evaluate the effectiveness of websites by improving their company's bottom line. It also equips students with the mindset, concepts, terminology, knowledge, skills and processes in web analytics by utilizing real-world examples and projects. Students will analyze web analytics data from several eCommerce, lead-generation and content sites. In addition, students will work with Google Analytics, Omniture, comScore and more, to help solidify their learning of digital analytics.

Professor Suk is VP/Director of Strategy and Analysis at Digitas, the world's leading digital marketing and advertising agency, and previously worked as the Director of Analytics and Business Intelligence at Thomson Reuters, where she led analytics for several B2B and B2C websites, including, across the online, mobile and social media platforms.  Professor Suk has over 15 years of experience in digital analytics, marketing, advertising and technical consulting.  

She earned an MBA from the Executive MBA Program at Rutgers Business School and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Rutgers College.

Prof. Yeniyurt

Professor Sengun Yeniyurt teaches the Global Marketing Strategy course which presents the unique and complex characteristics of marketing in global markets. EMBAs will be presented with organizational and environmental factors that have to be taken into account while formulating and implementing global marketing strategies. In addition, market selection, market entry, global market expansion, global market advantage, global product and brand development, pricing, advertising, and distribution in global markets, and alternative global marketing strategies and tactics are some of the topics that will be discussed.

Prof. Yeniyurt is the Vice-Chair of the Supply Chain Management Department and serves as the academic coordinator of the undergraduate and graduate Marketing Programs at Rutgers Business School.  Dr. Yeniyurt is an expert global marketing strategist who specializes in product and brand management as well as supplier relationship management.  He has received numerous awards for his accomplishments in research and teaching.  He frequently organizes and teaches in executive training and professional certificate programs.  Dr. Yeniyurt has conducted research and provided expert consultation for projects regarding many global companies such as Bridgestone, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, and Toyota.

Prof. Wang

Professor Wang's expertise lies in developing analytical tools to understand consumer/firm behavior and improve business decision making in retailing, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Specifically, her current research interests include measuring social influence and identifying opinion leaders, optimizing search engine advertising, and coordinating marketing and supply chain decisions. Professor Wang teaches Marketing Research to Executive and regular MBA students, where she equips students with important qualitative and quantitative tools to succeed in today's business world.

This course provides a fundamental understanding of marketing research methods and is aimed at managers who are ultimate users of the research and are responsible for determining the scope and direction of research activities. This course equips students with a comprehensive toolbox and "hands-on" experiences with the full process of marketing research from problem formulation to research design, data collection methods, questionnaire design, and data analysis. The emphasis is on the interpretation and application of these tools in making real life marketing decisions.

Prof. Schecter

Professor Marty Schecter presents a class, REMBA Advantage III-Digital Marketing and Social Innovation, that has been especially designed to provide future business leaders with the tools to understand the effect that the internet has on marketing strategy, product innovation, and comparative advantage.

This course takes an executive level view of how companies need to adapt their marketing and business strategies to stay competitive in the rapidly changing digital and social media environment.

As VP, Digital Business Development for global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Professor Schecter leads the digital transformation strategy for business information and learning.

Prior to joining Wiley in 2009, Professor Schecter ran his own digital marketing agency, Juxta Digital, which he co-founded in 1997. Juxta Digital continues to produce branded websites, e-commerce, and mobile and social media campaigns for companies in finance, technology, publishing, television, advertising, and consumer packaged goods. Marty Schecter is a 2013 finance graduate of the Rutgers Executive MBA program and also has an MFA in Fiction from the University of Arizona. He is the author of a novel (Crown, 1992), several short stories and essays, and the associate producer of a Bravo mini-series. He speaks regularly at digital conferences such as Digital Hollywood.

Frank Gatti

Frank Gatti, Rutgers EMBA graduate, CFO of ETS and a major-heavy-hitter in the world of Finance serves as a member of the Finance Advisory Board for RBS, and the inspiration for the highest Rutgers EMBA Alumni leadership Award, the Frank Gatti Award.

 Mr. Gatti has been a board member of numerous public, private and tax-exempt companies and served on an array of committees: Special, Governance & Nominating, Finance and Audit. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the NACD New Jersey Chapter, serves on the Board of H.S. Grace & Co. and the Finance Committee of The Conference Board.

Mr. Gatti's presentation to the Rutgers Executive MBAs entitled  "How to be an Effective High-Level Board Member" focuses on common mistakes that new board members typically make, the responsibilities and fiduciary duties of board members, and challenges that one may encounter when serving on high-level boards.


Prof. Kedia

Professor Simi Kedia of RBS' Finance Department presents a module, Mergers and Acquisitions, that makes the Finance program--ranked #6 globally by BusinessWeek--even stronger. She leverages her vast publishing record by presenting this hard-hitting module that explores the theory and reality of mergers and acquisitions. Exploring differences in corporate governance philosophies, along with the role of financial institutions in an international setting makes the inclusion of this module a testament to the timeliness of the Rutgers EMBA curriculum.

Jim Smith, Jr.

Jim Smith, Jr., a highly sought-after presentations skills specialist, comes on board to ensure that Rutgers EMBAs learn the art of making exceptional presentations. Professor Farrokh Langdana had been searching for a veritable superstar to train the EMBAs to make absolutely memorable presentations, and he finally found him, thanks to Brian Warrick (Metlife Executive, EMBA 2008). Jim is the author of the best selling books, CRASH AND LEARN: 600+ Road-Tested Tips to Keep Audiences Fired Up and Engaged! and From Average to Awesome. He is co-author (along with Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, Mike Van Hoozer, John Christensen and others) of the leadership book The Masters of Success. Jim is currently the President and CEO of JIMPACT Enterprises and works with his clients in the areas of leadership, motivation, and presentation skills.

Over the last 10 years Jim Smith has worked with a number of large and small organizations including: MetLife, Merck, Commerce Bank, HBO, ADP (Dealer and Retirement Services), Johnson and Johnson, INROADS Philadelphia, Astrazeneca, Famous Dave's Restaurants, Cousins Subs, Thompson's Children's Home, Subaru, PEMCO, Schering Plough, The National Security Agency and Sheraton Hotels.

Prof. Longo

Professor John Longo conducts a workshop on Hedge Funds for the EMBA students.  Dr. Longo discusses the history of the hedge fund industry, its role in individual investment portfolios and several sample hedge fund trades.  Perhaps the highlight of the session is when several EMBA groups have to pitch their own investment ideas in front of the class.  The investment ideas pitched by the EMBAs are captivating, with many taking copious notes to prepare them to put their own capital to work.  Professor Longo will be conducting another workshop on investments for the group during the upcoming Spring semester.

Professor Longo also recently serves as the lead faculty adviser to the team of Rutgers Business School finance students who have won the coveted CFA Institute's Global Investment Research Challenge 4 out of 7 times at the National level!

Paul Profeta

Paul Profeta, renowned real-estate developer and philanthropist, spoke to the REMBAs at the week-in-residence at Dolce, Basking Ridge, in a session that constitutes The REMBA Advantage (click here to see photos).  The poignant 90-minute presentation included Paul's childhood and the immense role of his parents on his later success.  Mr. Profeta, who has taught at Columbia University's EMBA Program, then went on to discuss the key traits that he looks for when he hires senior executives.  He followed with discussions of some major mistakes he had made, and how he would approach the same challenges again if he had to.  Paul then discussed the role of philanthropy in his life and in the lives of major executives and ended with a prescription for macroeconomic renewal for the United States.  This was a standing-room-only event and one that will be remembered in REMBA for a long time.

Steve Isenburg

President Lincoln

President Lincoln

In two sessions, Steve Isenburg highlights the leadership qualities of some key historic figures including Civil War leaders and United States presidents, and how their decision making skills (or lack thereof) can still inform us in today's business environment. Any Executive that does not grasp the lessons and importance of great leaders in history is operating with imperfect and incomplete information. Head of learning and development, North America, at Starr Companies, Prof. Isenburg incorporates real-life scenarios and history into his lessons and programs. Steve Isenburg was a History Major at the University of Richmond and a graduate of the Rutgers EMBA Program. He has taught leadership in both corporate and consulting environments and has taught two leadership classes in the EMBA Program.

The Powerhouse Advantage

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young"
 - Henry Ford

The Rutgers Executive MBA program, also known as the Powerhouse, was specifically designed to provide you with the theoretical tools, the practical insights, and the vital hands-on skills essential to competing in this challenging global environment. However since your graduation, the business environment has not remained static. In fact, the change continues to accelerate at an unrelenting pace. In an effort to ensure that you keep your knowledge, skill and ability current we are very pleased and excited to introduce a new program designed exclusively for current Rutgers EMBAs and fellow EMBA graduates called, The Powerhouse Advantage!


The Powerhouse Advantage! will entitle you to attend our Rutgers Business School Executive Education (RBSEE) offerings, which normally cost up to $1000 per day, for a fee of only $99 per day. This fee is necessary to cover the direct costs associated with the delivery of these sessions. Program offerings and schedule can be found here: Executive Education Website. If you have any program specific or logistical questions, please reach out to Peter Methot, the Managing Director at: The terms and conditions pertaining to the Powerhouse Advantage! are below.

RBSEE is home to the internationally acclaimed Mini-MBA and offers relevant, cutting-edge programs that deliver measureable and observable outcomes. Delivered by award winning faculty, RBSEE programs capture the essence of the most critical business topics of today, including Digital Marketing, Engineering & Technology Management, Economics, Finance, BioPharma, Healthcare, and more!

We hope to see you at one of the RBSEE programs in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Farokh Langdana, Director, EMBA
Joe Schaffer, Associate Dean, RBSEE

Terms and Conditions: The Powerhouse Advantage is subject to open seat availability prior to the start of the program. EMBA Alumni must identify their status upon enrolling in the desired program and cannot split the day rate across different programs or dates. iPads will not be provided at this rate.

Spouse/Partner Event

Professor Farrokh Langdana conducts a session on Macroeconomic Policy at the recent Rutgers Executive MBA Spouse/Partner session

Successfully managing the intense workload of the EMBA program is only made possible with the assistance of friends and family. With this in mind, Rutgers EMBA has decided to bring the partners/families into the same classrooms and introduce them to the business language and jargon that their partners/spouses have been suddenly uttering since enrolling in the program.

We host complimentary short sessions on "Macroeconomic Policy after the Subprime Crisis" combined with lunch at Rutgers Business School on EMBA class days for spouses and partners. In this half-day session, Professor Langdana introduces them to key macro concepts and updates them on the latest developments in U.S. and Global Macroeconomic conditions.

At a recent spouse/family event in EMBA, one of the student's parents, ages 87 and 91, attended the 3-hour Macroeconomic Policy Overview of the U.S. and the Eurozone (in particular, the problems in Greece). Here are some comments from the student's 87-year-old mother:

"Dear Dr. Langdana,

On behalf of my husband, Lee, and myself, I want to thank you and the entire Rutgers' Staff for the generous welcome and hospitality shown us on Saturday, February 18th at Rutgers.

We congratulate you on the wonderful program you have put together.  Taking the time to construct a teaching session for the family members of your EMBA students is an unusually special gift that opens a window for us to peer into to see what you and they are doing.  We have never enjoyed a class more than the one you conducted on that day.  We now have a more thorough understanding of economics as a result of it, and could actually come to love the subject because of your teaching.  I intend to read your book so that I may become more knowledgeable on the consumption and  distribution of goods and services thereof, and hopefully become a better citizen.

Again, many thanks from both of us for an outstanding day."