EMBA Faculty: Lei Lei

Lei Lei
Supply Chain Management par excellence

In the fast-growing field of global supply chain management (SCM), Professor Lei Lei is, quite simply, a titan.  It is largely through her efforts that Rutgers Business School has attained its well-deserved global reputation of being a supply chain powerhouse.  In addition to the Rutgers Center for SCM, we now have a PhD program in the area along with a shorter certificate course.

Professor Lei is currently the director and founder of the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management, and the dissertation advisor for seven Ph.D. students. She has been serving as an Associate Editor of IIE Transactions, and a guest-editor for Annals of Operations Research.  In 2005, she was awarded the prestigious University Academic Excellence Award.

She teaches a course in Supply Chain Management in the EMBA program which synergizes with the Statistics and Analytical Techniques courses, as well as with the International Business and International Trade courses. The material in this course is technical and overlaps that of a contemporary engineering program. Despite the rigors of the course, Professor Lei, who has won several teaching awards, manages to convey complex mathematical information to both engineers as well as those with non-quantitative backgrounds with equal effect.

In the near future, as the US builds on its strength in IT and our global supply networks, it is very likely that the next round of “good” jobs will include the field of supply chain management.  In this respect, Rutgers Business School has positioned itself very well indeed, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Professor Lei Lei.


Student Testimonial

“I came from a totally non-quantitative background—I work in the medical field—and I thought that I would get totally blown away in this engineering-type course.  Instead, it turned out to be one of my most rewarding experiences.  She (Professor Lei) is a phenomenal teacher and a truly wonderful human being.  She had me as well as the hard-core engineers hanging-on to every word.  She displays absolute mastery over the subject.  And I have begun to use some of her simulations at work now that we are manufacturing medical equipment under license in Asia and Central Europe.”