Mini-MBA™: Supply Chain in a Digitized Network - Curriculum

New Perspectives In Supply Chain

Your Supply Chain is a complex network of nodes, signals, and flows with symbiotic relationships and interdependencies that must be managed flawlessly. This session will start at the "50,000-foot level" by examining how todays rapidly advancing technologies are transforming the entire industry. This session will outline and define the “Profile of a Strategically Relevant Supply Chain”.  Learn how the Strategically Relevant Supply Chain has the capability to be flexible, responsive and adaptive which enables supply chain leaders to respond quickly to corporate needs, customer needs and market changes.

The Impact of Global Economics

Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of our global economy to align supply chain decisions with finance, strategy, and leadership. You will learn how to make better financial decisions, manage levers, build strategic partnerships, and develop a more effective leadership approach to help guide your organization through globalization, growth, and macroeconomic shocks.  

Creating an Omni-Channel Customer Experience

Break your old chain and push past your traditional channel to forge new networks and partnerships across multiple channels to achieve Supply Chain nirvana. Unlock your true supply chain potential and delight your customers with a frictionless and seamless experience. Give your customers what they want, when they want it, where they want it and how they want it – any where, any time, any place.

Global Agility

Global experience is critical for aligning supply chain objectives and marketing goals with operating challenges in emerging markets. The impact of globalization requires technological savvy with the ability to analyze large amounts of data from growing markets around the world.  Learn how to capitalize on new sources of revenue faster than the competition by having a clear vision of exactly where the new demand is emerging and where the best source of supply is located to serve your customers better – and thus grow your business.

Supply Chain Connectivity 10X

The Internet of Everything supply chain will create new value through enhanced customer experiences, acceleration of innovation to market, better asset utilization, “need for speed” fulfillment requirements, improved employee productivity and reduced redundancies in supply chain and logistics operation.  This exciting and fast paced session will allow you to see and experience the future of Supply Chain.

From Cloud to Clarity

Supply Chain leaders don’t fly blind. “Control Towers”, cloud technologies and analytics give them end-to-end supply chain visibility in real time.  Clarity allows leaders to see new sources of revenue faster than their competition.  The same data analytics could also help identify adverse conditions such as delays, work stoppages or equipment malfunctions. See how Data driven insights and intelligence can come together to paint a complete picture to drive operational excellence across the entire network.

Building Resilient Organizations

Supply Chain networks are constantly evolving, expanding and becoming more complicated.  Globalization, product proliferation, super competitors, mergers & acquisitions, outsourcing, and sophisticated new technology have all raised the dependence and inter-dependence of organizations across a supply chain on one another.  In response to this new age of complexity, more attention is being placed on building resilient organizations.  Learn why the ability to bounce back from disruptive events with minimum disruption to operational effectiveness is critical to your organizations success.

The Green Value Chain  

Green initiatives have moved beyond compliance issues into a means of generating value.  Learn how implementing green initiatives can raise productivity, enhance customer and supplier relations, support innovation and propel new growth in the emerging value creation model. Participants will also learn why complete transparency with highly connected consumers is a necessity and the “new normal” in the green value chain.  

Innovation and Agile Development in a digital age  

Learn how to quickly transition from 'plan then execute' to a non-stop cycle of innovation and refinement in Supply Chain work streams. Discuss the risks and rewards of new product/process creation and R&D in the exciting new world of product innovation in a digital age.

Innovations in Procurement

The world is currently changing fast, so does the supply chain. Supply Chain Management, Operations, Procurement, and Logistics have to react. Sustainability, Global Sourcing, and Risk Management are only a few of the current changes we face. Digitalization is a new technology trend, of which some argue, it will change business models and procurement revolutionary. But are these really trends? Or are they just fads? And if they are trends and change optimal procurement, how long are they already trends? And when will they probably become less important? What is driving these changes and trends? Do they lead to new risks or new opportunities? And how are currently companies addressing that? And with which innovative processes or strategies should they address it?