Online Mini-MBA: Supply Chain in a Digitized Network

The Online Mini-MBA™: Supply Chain in a Digitized Network is designed for both experienced and emerging Supply Chain Leaders proactively seeking to understand the enormous impact of digital innovations and technology throughout the supply chain.  Every industry is ripe for digital disruption, therefore supply chain is no exception. Innovation and technology are at the core of every business revolution and so it is with supply chain.


This program is designed for those who aspire to embrace new technology and lead innovation within their organization (e.g., talent, globalization, mergers & acquisitions, financial drivers, centers of excellence), technology (e.g., Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine technology, robotics, omni-channel enhanced customer experiences, digital manufacturing), and processes (e.g., predictive analysis, advanced analytics, cloud computing, risk mitigation, procurement, fulfillment, lean, and green principles). Progressive companies and leaders need to reexamine their current business models to maximize supply chain effectiveness, capturing the essential technological capabilities required to enable high performing teams to proactively stay ahead of the competition.


Program Benefits

The Online Mini-MBA™: Supply Chain in a Digitized Network certificate program will be led by a team of top industry experts and faculty from the Rutgers Business School Supply Chain department; they will present a new business model for Supply Chain in a Digitized Network. Through case studies, interactive sessions, and class exercises, participants will learn about the latest research, future trends, and best practices in the industry. 

Key Topics Include: 


  • Developing New Perspectives in Supply Chain
  • Understanding the Impact of Global Economics
  • Creating an Omni-channel Customer Experience
  • Maximizing Global Agility in a Digital Age
  • Developing Data Driven Insights
  • Building Resilient Organizations
  • Emerging Technology and Trends in Supply Chain Management
  • Understanding the Implication of Supply Chain on Finance
  • Discovering and Leveraging the Green Value Chain
  • Activating Innovation and Agile Development


For those interested in academic graduate credit, one 3-credit elective course waiver is available toward a Rutgers Business School MBA degree or the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management