Center for Business of Fashion

The Center for Business of Fashion (CBF) exists to develop and shape a new breed of leaders in the fashion industry by supporting Rutgers Business School’s rigorous academic curriculum for undergraduate and graduate studies in the business of fashion and by developing a rich research arm devoted to academic research in this field.

CBF seeks to become a think tank that explores and addresses a variety of issues—economic, legal, international, strategic— impacting the fashion industry globally and locally, and in doing so, we strive to become a world leader in business fashion training and research.

Our business fashion research initiatives will be cross-disciplinary, covering the many facets of the industry—including accounting, information systems, business law, finance, management, entrepreneurship, marketing and fashion industry supply chains—with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity, removing inefficiencies and buttressing the entrepreneurial efforts of designers and creatives in this space. The CBF has a particular interest in investigating the evolution of the global fashion business, including advances in technology and enterprise asset management (EAM), labor and human rights compliance and other factors creating new industry dynamics. 

Further, the Center for Business of Fashion will provide research and educational curriculum and opportunities to support fashion entrepreneurship.  As designers, e-commerce sites and other startups emerge on the landscape, targeted research and knowledge in entrepreneurial skills become critical for the growth and sustainability of businesses and brands.

To learn more about the Center, please contact the Director, Tavy Ronen.