Rutgers MBA Team Consulting Program

Since 1971, hundreds of businesses, large and small, have discovered a unique, university-based resource that delivers professional and cost effective consulting services.

The MBA Team Consulting Program at Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick brings the knowledge and experience of seasoned MBA students to bear on a challenge or problem identified by a client company. Students get the opportunity to sharpen their problem-solving and team-building skills; the sponsoring company receives a detailed report full of insightful analysis and valuable recommendations. To date, Rutgers students have completed more than fifteen hundred projects for a wide range of clients including Fortune 50 companies, privately held firms, not-for-profits, state agencies, municipalities, and entrepreneurs.


How does this work?

Business organizations turn to the Rutgers MBA Team Consulting Program because it delivers timely, cost-effective results and provides an independent assessment of their business or competitive environment. The moderate, fixed project fee is a fraction of what typical market-rate consultants charge for the same work.  As part of Rutgers University, student consultants have vast resources from which to draw. From the school's outstanding libraries and information systems to faculty and administrators, they can access a wealth of information and expertise as background for their projects.  And, as an added benefit, clients get a first-hand look at how highly motivated, potential employees work with their management teams. Many MBA candidates have been offered and have accepted full-time positions with client organizations. They bring with them a keen understanding of the company, its competitors and the marketplace. They also possess an insight into the company's operations and can become a value-added employee almost immediately.

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Average team profile

Number of Students per team
Approximately six senior MBA students

Multidisciplinary backgrounds
Business, Engineering, Finance, Computer Science, Pharmaceutical Management, Marketing, Humanities, Other.

Work experience
7-9 years full-time work experience

Average age
30 years old



We take the appropriate measures to ensure confidentiality.

Students recognize that during the course of their consulting assignment they will be dealing with information that is sensitive in nature. For this reason, all client information is regarded as confidential. Formal confidentiality agreements are executed by the student consultants, faculty advisor and program director for each engagement.

No information or consulting material is released by students, faculty, or the university without the prior approval of the client.



The Rutgers MBA Team Consulting Program offers a quality service at a nominal fee. Although the average team of six will spend over 750 hours on research and report preparation, the service fee is close to none. There is a cap of $500 for miscellaneous expenses (office supplies).


How to apply

To apply, please complete our client application either in Microsoft Word or PDF format.


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Contact the MBA Team Consulting program

For additional information, please send an e-mail to:

Doug Brownstone
Phone: 848-445-9263 (office)
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