How it Works

Getting Started

The process begins with a meeting between the client and the director of the MBA Program. Options are discussed, responsibilities are outlined and expectations are set. Once a project has been accepted by the program, a team of students and an experienced faculty advisor are assigned to work with the client.



Each team is carefully assembled to ensure its skills match the requirements of the project. For example, if the assignment focuses on financial issues, finance students will be placed on the team. Projects that involve multiple issues will be assigned to teams comprised of students with varied interests and backgrounds.


Ongoing Learning Experience

Consulting assignments begin in September, February or May and are completed over a 15 week period of time consistent with the academic semester. Teams usually begin their project by defining and researching the problem. During the semester, periodic meetings involving the team, faculty and client are held to gauge the team's progress and to obtain client feedback. The client will receive a report summarizing the analysis completed and research remaining to be done.



At the conclusion of its work, the team puts together a report detailing its findings along with recommendations for appropriate courses of action. Reports are generally presented to the client's senior management in a formal boardroom presentation.