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About Alexander Sannella

Alexander Sannella is currently an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Rutgers Business School and the Director of the MBA in Professional Accounting Program and the Director of the Rutgers Business School Teaching Excellence Center. During his years at Rutgers Business School he has taught at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and served as Associate Dean of the Business School and Coordinator of the Department of Accounting and Information Systems. Previously, Dr. Sannella served on the faculty of New York University as an Instructor of Accounting at the Stern School of Business.

He has public accounting experience as an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP and KPMG, LLP. Dr. Sannella was also an independent consultant working on many projects with other public accounting firms, bankruptcy trustees and leasing divisions of major insurance companies. He also served as a consultant to the Line of Business Program at Federal Trade Commission in Washington.

Dr. Sannella has over 40 years teaching experience at the university level and over 24 years experience in developing and teaching commercial and investment bank training programs. His clients included eight major investment banks and four of the world's largest commercial banks. His training programs include courses designed for financial analysts, associates and special programs for sales and trading professionals.


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