Helen Colby

Helen Colby is a third-year graduate student in the psychology department at Rutgers New Brunswick and the Rutgers School of Business.  She is pursuing a joint Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and marketing.

Her research interests focus on economic decision-making and consumer behavior.  She is especially interested in interventions to increase savings behavior for quasi-durable goods to increase overall financial well-being and decrease reliance on credit. Her research has involved collaboration with Newark Now’s Financial Empowerment Center to increase the use of traditional banking services among underserved individuals. She is also interested in how surrogates make risky financial decisions on behalf of others.

Helen has been interested in how people make economic choices since college, when she double-majored in economics and psychology at the University of Chicago, receiving a B.A. in 2004. This interest brought her to Rutgers where her advisor, Gretchen Chapman, studies the psychology of decision-making. The University offered Helen a presidential fellowship and she was pleased to join the graduate school in 2008.

She has enjoyed sharing her research findings at Society for Judgment and Decision Making and IEEE International Test conferences, authored papers on a variety of topics, and written overviews of psychological topics for MacMillan Reference. She has also enjoyed teaching Quantitative Methods and Cognition Lab courses, and is looking forward to teaching Introduction to Marketing in the spring.