Naming Opportunities

1 Washington Park | Rutgers Business School–Newark

With a new building in Newark at 1 Washington Park, Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick is continually expanding and offering the latest technologies. The building, which can accommodate 3,500 students, features electronic smart classrooms; a high-tech trading room; student facilities; lecture halls; modern faculty, staff, and administrative offices; and the fastest internet connection available.

The following naming opportunities are available within 1 Washington Park.  For more information contact the RBS Development. Click here for contact information.


RBS Pavilion

The RBS Pavilion serves as the architectural centerpiece of the new Rutgers Business School. The pavilion is a two-story addition which houses a magnificent atrium entry, three lecture halls, and the Global Financial Market Center. The light-filled pavilion, with sweeping glass walls, faces Washington Park and is the “storefront” of the facility.


Executive MBA Suite

The EMBA suite, occupying nearly the entire second floor, encompasses an EMBA conference room, two 30-seat classrooms, two 59-seat lecture halls, and the EMBA/graduate lounge. These facilities are used to host meetings with major corporate partners and potential EMBA students, and to accommodate EMBA classes.


Global Financial Market Center (Trading Room)

The trading room is on the first floor of the new RBS Pavilion and, by virtue of its prominence and location, is seen by all visitors to RBS. This high-tech classroom simulates the work environment of the nation’s leading brokerage houses. It features 55 work stations with access to real-time and delayed market feeds for U.S. and foreign exchanges, and an abundance of corporate financial and accounting data.


Technology Classroom Wing

The third-floor classroom wing includes two computer classrooms, a distance learning room, 90 MBA/PhD student lockers, a 58-seat classroom, and two breakout rooms. There is a significant hi-tech component in the computer classrooms and distance learning room.


Fourth- and Fifth-Floor Classroom Wings

Classroom wings on the fourth and fifth floors comprise two 58-seat classrooms, a 32-seat computer classroom, eight-seat and 15-seat breakout rooms, and a small student lounge between the two classrooms, which also houses MBA/PhD lockers.


MBA Admissions & Career Management Suite

The RBS Admissions and Career Management Services offices are strategically located on the first floor of 1 Washington Park in a highly visible and accessible location adjacent to the atrium and elevator banks. The suite consists of offices for the assistant dean of admissions and assistant dean of career management services, admissions directors, MBA director, career management counselors, two interview rooms, six work stations, and a reception area.


First-Floor Lecture Hall

NAMED - Berson Lecture Hall


Premier Lecture Hall

NAMED - Bove Auditorium

Second-Floor Pavilion Lecture Hall

In addition to the special-use lecture hall, an additional high-capacity lecture hall located in the RBS Pavilion on the second floor in a high-traffic area hosts large lectures and presentations.


Student Services Suite

The student services offices are on the first floor of 1 Washington Park and are easily accessible by
students and visitors. The suite consists of offices and workstations for student services staff and a staff work area.


Student Lounges

Lounges on the second and third floors provide students with areas in which to socialize, relax, and interact between classes. Like the entire building, the wireless lounges are high-traffic gathering spots for students and are highly visible to visitors.


Student Clubs Area

An area on the third floor off the undergraduate lounge is proposed for use by business school student clubs. This facility will see substantial use by undergraduate leadership and is highly visible due to its placement near the undergraduate lounge and connecting PSEG Green Rooftop Patio Lounge.


Dean’s Suite, Conference Room, and Boardroom

The 11th floor houses the dean’s suite, which includes the dean’s office, associate dean offices, a centerpiece 22-seat boardroom, and an eight-person conference room. These facilities are used to host key presentations and meetings with corporate partners, alumni, and university and state officials.



Classrooms of varying size and finish are located on floors two through five of 1 Washington Park and are the site of day-to-day instructional activities. Classroom capacities range from 30 to 60 students and vary in form and function. Computer classrooms, labs, and distance-learning classrooms offer special-use space for students.


Conference Rooms

Six conference rooms are located throughout the building and are used by faculty, student leaders, graduate students, alumni, and administrators for meetings and special presentations.


Staff/Faculty Offices, Departmental Suites, and Student Computer Lab

Staff/faculty offices, departmental suites, and work spaces provide excellent naming opportunities for individuals and corporations. Departments are clustered together and share common work space. A student computer lab is located on the fifth floor.