Professor Xiaodong Lin lecturing.

Faculty & Research

Advancing Knowledge Through Research

Rutgers Business School faculty are accomplished and committed scholars, continuously building knowledge in their disciplines through rigorous research. Since 2000, our faculty have added more than 900 peer-reviewed journal articles to the academic literature, many in highly-regarded and prestigious academic journals. 

Furthering a commitment to practical research that can be translated to actual business practices, Rutgers Business School launched its first academic, peer-reviewed journal -- Rutgers Business Review in 2016.

Across academic disciplines, from finance to entrepreneurship, our faculty are advancing knowledge and bringing it to bear in the classroom and in the marketplace.  

Advancing research at Rutgers Business School

Research Centers

Rutgers Business School's research centers are innovative hubs, committed to advancing research and industry knowledge across a variety of business disciplines, and bridging education and industry. 

Created with industry partners and guided by advisory board members representing leading corporations, our research centers provide students with exceptional access to top executives, scholarships, fellowships and opportunities to examine business issues up close. 

Lerner Center Symposium

Academic Areas

Academic focus at Rutgers Business School is divided into six primary domain areas: accounting and information systems, finance and economics, management and global business, management science and information systems, marketing, and supply chain management. Our faculty are experts in these disciplines, actively and regularly contributing to academic and industry knowledge.