First Year Students

New Student Registration

All newly enrolling students must sign up for a Placement Test and Registration date. During Rutgers Business School registration, you will be getting an overview of the academic policies, our career services, and will register your first semester courses.  We expect you to arrive promptly and be present for the whole event.  If you cannot attend due to extenuating circumstances, you are responsible to notify us at least two weeks prior to your assigned date.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Aaron Gibbs at or 973 353 1661.


Rutgers Newark Orientation

New Student Orientation provides the information that is needed for a smooth and successful transition to life at Rutgers-Newark. Participation in its many activities provides a good foundation to begin life as a member of our community. During orientation, incoming students are given the opportunity to learn more about Rutgers Newark services such as financial aid, health and counseling services and academic support as well as connect with new classmates through activities led by our orientation leader staff.

For more information, please visit the Rutgers Newark Office of Student Life and Leadership.


Living and Learning Community

The RBS Living and Learning Community is committed to the academic, social and emotional wellness of first year students within the residence hall community at Rutgers-Newark. The Living and Learning Community will create purposeful links among the academic, residential, and social elements of the undergraduate experience during their first year.

Students who live in the RBS Living and Learning Community will benefit from:

  • Living on the same floor with other RBS students in Woodward Hall
  • Social Events with faculty members to discuss ideas and career options
  • Academic Support
  • A sense of community that will enhance their first year at Rutgers

For more information and how to apply, please visit the Rutgers University Housing Website.


Career Management Survey

As a newly enrolling first year student, we want to get an idea of your career coaching needs. Please fill out the quick survey so we can better assist you. Click to take the quick 5 minute survey.