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Master of Supply Chain Analytics

Learn how to turn data into predictive insights

Inspired by industry trends and demand, the new Master of Supply Chain Analytics program at Rutgers Business School will prepare you to be a data-driven decision maker in a rapidly growing job market. The Supply Chain Analytics program is taught by highly recognized faculty in the Supply Chain Management department -- a globally ranked program with a long history of success.

Program Highlights

  • 30 -36 credits 
  • Finish in 1 to 1.5 years
  • Based out of centrally located New Brunswick campus
  • Selected courses available online
  • Relevant, industry-informed curriculum
  • Summer internship and/or co-op programs available
Students in class

Who is this for?

This highly competitive program is best suited for those with a mindset to apply analytics to supply chain fields and be the future supply chain leaders. Don't have a degree in a quantitative field? As long as you have a basic background in mathematics and statistics, we encourage you to apply.

How long will it take?

At 30-36 credits, the Master in Supply Chain Analytics -- a STEM-designated program -- can be completed full-time in 1 to 1.5 years. Based out of our centrally located New Brunswick campus, and with flexible class arrangements that include evening and online courses, the Rutgers Master of Supply Chain Analytics program is a good fit if you're a busy professional wanting a program that fits your schedule.

Why it matters

Big data analytics are changing the way supply chains are managed. In our program, you'll learn the hard analytics skills you need and the insight to apply those skills to solve real problems and create faster, better, more efficient supply chains.

We show you how to turn hard data into predictive insights. You step out and lead.

Industry Voices

Our curriculum is informed by our relationships with industry leaders and top corporate partners, so you are gaining relevant knowledge in real time. See what industry leaders have to say about the program.

"The introduction of a Master of Supply Chain Analytics program at the Rutgers Business School is well timed. In the healthcare industry, we have come to realize that an advanced analytics competency is critical to our future success. More than ever before, we have a need for real time analytics of the vast available data so that we can quickly develop insights and make the best decisions for our business. Graduates of this program will be in high demand by the astute supply chain organizations that recognize advanced analytics capability as a competitive advantage."

- Jill Lavitsky, Vice President, Customer and Logistics Services, North America at Johnson & Johnson

“In a world that is continuously mining Big Data, it is imperative to have capable individuals that can analyze data and determine the best course of action. Coca-Cola is striving to seamlessly connect and integrate this digital data in order to adjust our supply chain at a rate that meets our consumers’ changing tastes. It is thrilling to see that Rutgers will ensure this capability is engrained in our next generation of Supply Chain leaders. This is just another example of how the Rutgers Supply Chain program is leading the way in molding the talent that we will take into our organization.”

- Helen Davis, Vice President, Supply Chain US Region of the Coca-Cola Company

"UPS, as an organization, is built to support our customers' supply chains that are often critical to their overall business strategy. To improve our service level and customer satisfaction, we extensively use business analytics and advanced modeling tools to analyze the interconnectivity of various supply chain components. We are delighted to see Rutgers launching a first-of-its-kind supply chain analytics MS program that will provide UPS access to much-needed talent that not only has the analytics skill set but also supply chain functional knowledge."

- Sunny Nastase, President, Enterprise Accounts of Healthcare at UPS

To learn more about how RBS collaborates with the business community, visit the Center for Supply Chain Management

Faculty Spotlight

Weiwei Chen

Assistant Professor

Dr. Chen’s research interest lies in supply chain operations planning and scheduling, interface of supply chain operations and finance, and intermodal transportation. He also works on simulation and randomized global optimization methodologies, and uses business analytics in solving practical problems in smart grid and healthcare operations. His work has appeared...

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