RBS students at 100 Rock.


Top-tier business schools are built on a foundation of hard working students, world-class faculty, and the generosity of its alumni and friends. Rutgers Business School’s ability to maintain and improve upon its standing among peer business schools and enhance the value of an RBS degree relies heavily on private support. Tuition dollars and limited state aid provide a RBS the basic essentials of business education but a truly great RBS experience is made possible by gifts – large and small – from our alumni and friends.

Contributions from alumni and friends have a positive impact on the entire academic community. The generous support of our alumni and friends allows Rutgers to maintain its position as a top-tier public research university while also striving to establish new and exciting research and initiatives. Contributions also help the university provide vital financial aid and scholarships for students, many of whom continue a tradition of being first-generation college students. Although Rutgers is a state school, state support and student tuition and fees cover less than two-thirds of the cost of a Rutgers education, so the generosity of alumni and friends is truly essential for each and every student.

However you choose to support Rutgers, thank you for staying involved with your alma mater and for contributing to Rutgers’ future as a leader in public higher education.

Please contact the Rutgers Business School Development Office with any questions or inquiries related to donations to RBS.

Support the Dean's Fund

At Rutgers Business School, we are working hard to build outstanding programs that connect relevant curriculum with the needs of industry. Our faculty are carrying out influential research that contributes to today’s knowledge society, and our talented students are preparing to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Alumni, parents and friends can play a role in helping to continue this work and make Rutgers Business School known as one of the premiere public business schools on the East Coast.


Students at 100 Rock.

Naming Opportunities

Our modern buildings at 1 Washington Park in Newark and 100 Rockefeller Rd. in New Brunswick are continually expanding and offering the latest technologies. These buildings are the academic home of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff and feature electronic smart classrooms; specialized spaces that include a high-tech trading room; student facilities; lecture halls; modern faculty, staff, and administrative offices; and the fastest internet connection and innovative learning technologies available.

Naming opportunities are available at both locations, giving you the opportunity to leave your mark while supporting the mission and work of RBS.

For more information about naming opportunities at either of Rutgers Business School's locations, contact the RBS Development team.

Ways to Give

Giving is for everyone, and everyone's contribution makes a difference. Whether you want to give a donation online, though stocks, or matching gifts through your employer, there are many ways for you to partner with us.