The China Experience in REMBA

The U.S. and Chinese economies are inextricably linked – not just in the flow of goods and services but also via the less visible inflow of capital from Asia (about $3.5 billion a day) that helps finance our budget deficits.  To appreciate the challenges and vitality of the Chinese economy first-hand, Rutgers EMBAs participate in a 10-day summer residency program in Beijing and Shanghai.  The course includes business visits, seminars with key business and government officials (both US and Chinese), and day trips such as the one planned to Tianjin to visit Boeing and a pharmaceutical plant.

Rutgers EMBAs from the US also get to interact with their Rutgers-China EMBA counterparts (RBS has been conducting EMBA programs in China on a continuous basis since 1993, longer than any other American university), thereby upgrading their networking base.


Rutgers EMBAs in China

Rutgers EMBAs visit Beijing and Shanghai in early June, following their first year in the program.  Participants witness first-hand the energy, complexity and dynamism of the Chinese economy, along with the challenges and opportunities for US business in China. The EMBAs visit manufacturing, supply-chain and marketing operations, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, and attend seminars.  Some past visits have included Boeing (in Tianjin), Chrysler-Daimler, Lenovo computers, Shannon Garments (jacket manufacturer for Liz Claiborne), the Port of Shanghai (managed by Maersk), Siemens Mobile Phone Equipment, Coca-Cola, Sanofi-Aventis, and seminars with representatives of the US Embassy and the Deputy Director General for the China Council for Promotion of International Trade.

We also include important cultural visits (accompanied by local guides) to sites such as The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, and The Bund in Shanghai.


At Baidu (the Chinese Google) in Beijing:

At Baidu (the Chinese Google) in Beijing


Rutgers EMBAs conquer The Great Wall:


At the Kodak labs in Shanghai:


Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City, Beijing:


At the Ford factory, Shanghai:


West Lake, Day Trip from Shanghai: