Rutgers Executive MBA student in class.

Executive MBA Tuition

The Power of Investment

An investment in a Rutgers Executive MBA is an investment in your future.

Rutgers EMBA was ranked #10 in the U.S. for salary increase by the Financial Times, with graduates seeing a 53 percent increase in their salaries three years after finishing the program.

Rutgers EMBA was also ranked 11th for best salary total and 13th for "aims achieved," which measures the extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or reasons for pursuing an Executive MBA degree.

Overall, Rutgers Business School is ranked #1 for return on investment and salary increase in the U.S. 

That's the power of investment. That's ROI in action. 

Tuition & Fees

Fall 2024

Tuition (Full-Time) $15,576.00
Per Credit $1,298.00
Student Fee $905.50
School Fee $550.00
Technology Fee $204.50
EMBA Program Fee (Part of the EMBA Tuition) $9,750.00
Total (per semester) $26,986.00

*Please note that Fall 2025 rates will be announced in late July 2025

Program Fee Breakdown

Rutgers Executive MBA is committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience so you can focus on what matters: being an Executive MBA. Our staff takes care of all the details for you—from registration to parking, and even personally delivering class materials to you.

Your program fee covers:

  • Parking just a short walk from your classroom location
  • All books, materials and software
  • Catered breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks on all class days
  • All week-in-residence expenses
  • 10-day summer international program*

*The only additional costs borne by you are related to the International Experience: airfare to and from the destination, visa fee (if applicable) and meals on open days during the trip

This is your hassle-free program fee. No surprises.

Group photo of female EMBA students
In response to Prof. Ben Sopranzetti's comment in the Financial Strategy course that "Cash is King", the Rutgers EMBA Powerhouse women, beg to differ.
Completing the Rutgers Executive MBA program has proven to be one of the greatest financial and personal investments that I have made to date.
—  Aaron Krause, Engagement Manager, Brand & Commercial Strategy, IMS Consulting Group.