Mini-MBA™: Data Driven Management

Data is at the heart of the disruptions occurring across our economy.  And data is permeating everything we do. The good thing is that each nugget of data can reveal insights to help us improve business operations, reduce the costs of doing business, better target profitable customers, gain a market advantage, make better decisions, and most importantly, formulate a strategy for business success.

Experience dictates that companies capable of leveraging data and making it a core pillar of their decision-making process are gaining a competitive advantage. But there are many steps between raw data and its effective usage, according to McKinsey Global Institute in their December 2016 “The Age of Analytics: Competing in a Data-driven World.” Due to the absence of expertise in managing data, and the lack of processes, tools, and training to create analytical models to improve ROI, businesses aren’t effectively using all of this data. 

The Rutgers Mini-MBA: Data Driven Management is designed to empower business leaders with the knowledge, tools, and training to manage and accelerate business opportunities by leveraging data.

Program Format 

In this 5-day accelerated program, managers will hear presentations by data experts from both industry and academia. Each module will be reinforced by activities and exercises to ensure retention of important concepts. Pre-work and readings on covered topics will ensure that the in-classroom time is maximized for optimal learning via case studies and group work. Managers are encouraged to bring their ideas and business opportunities to institute data-driven management into their departments and organizations. These concepts will be workshopped in small groups each day.

Cost: $4995 

This program has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor for workforce training grants. Funding may be available for those receiving unemployment benefits. Contact us for more information.

This program has been approved by the State Approving Agency and the Veterans Administration. Funding may be available for those eligible to receive GI Bill educational benefits.