Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Rutgers have an MBA Office of Career Management?

The OCM exists to serve two constituencies: MBA Campus Recruiters and MBA students (Part-Time and Full-Time). To that end, we are committed to helping MBA recruiters connect with MBA students (by graduation year) whom we have helped to become competitive MBA candidates.


Does the MBA Office of Career Management serve as an employment agency, headhunter, or placement office?

No. We market MBA students by graduation year because employers target MBA students by graduation year. Each year, therefore, we market the incoming Full-Time students for summer internships and the outgoing Part-Tme and Full-Time students for full-time opportunities. The OCM does NOT place any student, and neither does any other MBA career services office in the nation. Rather, the OCM coaches MBA students to be competitive candidates and helps connect them to MBA opportunities on and off campus. It is the MBA student's responsibility to earn an interview and a job offer.


I am a prospective MBA student. What advice does the OCM have for me as I decide between the Full-Time MBA and the Part-Time MBA programs?

If you're interested in pursuing a summer internship after your second semester, then choose the Full-Time program, as the OCM prepares you for your summer internship search during your first and second semesters. Only students enrolled in the Full-Time program can participate in the On-Campus Recruiting Program for summer internships. If you only want help in pursuing a full-time opportunity a year before you graduate choose the Part-Time program. Click here to view the Rutgers MBA Programs Comparison Chart.


What kinds of positons can typically be found in the On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR) and in non-OCR job postings?

OCR and non-OCR job postings are typically analyst/associate-level positions as well as leadership/rotational programs in corporate finance, CPG marketing, pharma marketing, and various areas of supply chain management. 


Why are Corporate Presentations, Meet & Greets, and On-Campus Interviews held during the day and on the Newark campus?

Corporate Presentations and Meet & Greets are held from 11:30 AM-1:00 PM or from 4:30-6:00 PM because those are the scheduled break times for MBA students. These events are held on the Newark campus for two reasons: 1) the Full-Time program is located there, and students in this program have attendance requirements regarding OCR events; 2) the MBA Office of Career Management has the appropriate facilities to host career events on the Newark campus.

The OCM encourages employers to choose the latter time to make it convenient for Part-Time students to attend. On-Campus Interiviews can begin as early as 8:00 AM, with the last interview typically at 5:00 PM. As is the case with all OCR events at RBS and other MBA programs nationwide, employers will choose to come to campus when it is convenient for their representatives. Most career events, on and off campus, take place during working hours, so Part-Time students must plan accordingly.


I am a prospective student. Can I schedule an appointment to discuss career opportunities for MBAs?

Yes. Please contact Dean Vera at to schedule an appointment.


I am enrolled in other Rutgers graduate programs. Am I eligible to utilize the OCM's services?

No. The OCM provides career services to only matriculated students in the MBA program (Part-Time and Full-Time) and MBA alumni. Please contact your program director for career services available for your program.


How do I register for a Symplicity account?

You must first return a completed Code of Conduct Agreement. Once the form has been submitted to our Office, register for a Symplicity account.
**Your Symplicity registration will be deleted if we do not receive the Agreement within 24 hours.**


I can't log into my Symplicity account? Who can I contact for help?

For technical support, please send an e-mail to or call 973-353-1656.


How can I schedule an appointment to meet with a career advisor?

To schedule an appointment, please email Dean Vera at or Melinda Lawson at and include your availability for the following two weeks.


I am an alum. Can I schedule a career advisement meeting?

Yes. All career opportunities appropriate to alumni are posted on, which is free to join.