Gateway to Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics


Rutgers Business School offers undergraduate Supply Chain Management (SCM) major students a chance to combine their Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management degree with a Master of Science in Supply Chain Analytics (MSCA) graduate program and have an opportunity to get a head start on earning a business master’s degree.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Enroll in the Supply Chain Management in our Undergraduate New Brunswick or Newark program
  • Junior or Senior level students with a completion of at least 75 undergraduate coursework can apply
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and a major GPA (grade point average of all courses with 799 curriculum code) of 3.4 or higher
  • Admitted students eligible to start the accelerated MSCA track (BS/MS program) after completing 90 credit hours of undergraduate course work

Note that satisfying the above minimum qualifications does not guarantee admission to the program. The program may impose a capacity limit, since there is a limit for the number of undergraduate students allowed in each graduate course.

Eligible Courses

Students in the gateway MSCA program will be given the option to substitute up to 9 undergraduate SCM credits with 9 MSCA graduate credits, in selected MSCA courses in their senior year, and have them count towards their SCM undergraduate degree as well as the MSCA graduate degree, subjected to approval of the MSCA program director.

Provided below are some course replacement possibilities (course numbers below may change when the courses are offered):

  • Global Procurement and Supply Management (22:799:608) may replace Global Procurement and Sourcing Strategies (29/33:799:305)
  • Supply Chain Finance (22:799:640) may replace Supply Chain Finance (29/33:799:491)
  • Supply Chain Solution w/ SAP I (22:799:659) may replace Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management with SAP (29/33:799:450)
  • Introduction to Project Management (22:799:661) or Advanced Project Management (22:799:675) may replace Introduction to Project Management (29/33:799:380)
  • Lean Six Sigma (22:799:676) may replace Introduction to Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing (29/33:799:460)
  • Global Logistics Management (22:799:679) may replace Business Logistics and Transportation (29/33:799:330)
  • Demand Management for Value Chain (22:799:663) may replace Demand Planning and Fulfillment (29/33:799:310)
  • Service Management (22:799:625) may replace Service Management 33:799:410

Students can also choose to take other MSCA courses in their senior year, subject to the 9-credit limit. However, the courses outside the above substitution list will only count toward the students’ MSCA requirements and their total undergraduate credits, but not their undergraduate SCM major requirements.

Admissions Process

If you are a junior or senior considering a head start toward any of the master’s degrees listed above, we welcome your application to the Gateway program. This will allow you to take up to nine (9) credits while you are still an undergraduate student at Rutgers Business School. We recommend that you start your application to the program three semesters before you graduate.

When you apply, you will apply to the semester term following your undergraduate graduation. For example, if your graduation date is May 2025, you should select the summer or fall 2025 term.

Upon acceptance to the Gateway program, you will work with your undergraduate academic advisor and a graduate Program Coordinator to select your course(s). The best part is that you do not need to pay the graduate tuition for the nine (9) credits while registering them with your undergraduate courses.

Contact the Office of Graduate Admission for more information: 973-353-1234 or

*Must have an overall GPA of 3.00 for consideration.

*Ask your UG academic advisor if any of the nine (9) credits will double count toward your undergraduate curriculum.

Contact Us

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