Leave of Absence and Reenrollment

Full-time students are expected to maintain continuous registration throughout their degree program. Students leaving campus at the end of a semester for study abroad, military services, or other reasons should notify the RBS Office of Undergraduate Programs. This is defined as a Leave of Absence.


Leave of Absence

Students who interrupt their registration and plan to return at a specific time may take a leave of absence. Students who leave campus before the end of the 12th week of the semester are eligible to return the following semester by submitting an application for reenrollment, providing they submit a formal withdrawal request to the Rutgers Business School Office of Undergraduate Programs. Failure to attend class is not equivalent to a leave of absence, and students will not receive an adjustment of charges or grades unless a formal leave of absence is filed with the Rutgers Business School Office of Undergraduate Programs and approved prior to the 12th week of the semester.

Any RBS student wishing to take a leave of absence must be certain to complete and submit the appropriate Leave of Absence Form to Rutgers Business School Office of Undergraduate Programs. If paperwork is filed with a different dean’s office within the university in error, the Business School will consider the student to be on unofficial and unauthorized leave, and it will be at the discretion of the RBS Office of Undergraduate Services as to whether or not the student will be permitted to re-enroll.

The Rutgers Business School will not pre-approve outside coursework to be taken during a fall or spring leave of absence from Rutgers. Outside coursework will be considered during summer sessions only, and must be pre-approved in writing by the office of Undergraduate Programs, before the summer.

Tuition Refund Dates – Fall & Spring Semesters

Students may use Webreg to drop courses or cancel their schedule prior to the beginning of a fall or spring semester and receive 100% refund. Students cannot use the automated system to withdraw completely from school. Students must file a formal withdrawal with the RBS OFFICE OF UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS to cancel their registration for a fall or spring semester. The Winter/Summer Session Office should be contacted regarding refund schedule and information pertaining to withdrawal from winter or summer courses.


The refund schedule for complete withdrawal for the fall or spring semesters is as follows:

First two weeks of class


Third and fourth week


Fifth and sixth week





In all refund situations, the student fee and the computer fee are not refundable. Students cannot drop their last class via Webreg. Questions regarding tuition refunds should be directed to the University Office of Student Accounting.



Students in good academic standing who interrupt their registration at Rutgers Business School Undergraduate New Brunswick must apply for reenrollment. Any conditions established at the time of leaving must be met before application for readmission is made.

Students who are eligible to return will be reenrolled at Rutgers Business School Undergraduate New Brunswick. Students will be held to all of the Rutgers Business School Undergraduate New Brunswick degree requirements. (Re)declaration of major and/or departmental certification is at the discretion of the relevant academic department(s).


  • Only previous Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick students may apply for re-enrollment for the spring semester.
  • Students who were previously enrolled in another school of Rutgers University may apply for re-enrollment to the Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick for the fall semester.
  • Students who have been academically dismissed will not be permitted to re-enroll under any circumstances.

Graduation Requirements: All Rutgers Business School New Brunswick Students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 120 degree credits.
  • Complete all Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick general education requirements.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.000.
  • Complete all business core and major course requirements with a minimum grade of C.
  • Must successfully discharge all academic, disciplinary, and financial obligations to the University.

Application Deadline/Procedures and Notification Schedule

  • Students interested in applying for re-enrollment to the Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick should submit their application for re-enrollment by December 1 for the spring semester or August 1 for the fall semester.
  • Students are limited to one school choice and to one application submission at a time.
  • Applicants will receive notification of their re-enrollment decision via email from the school by January 9 for the spring semester or August 18 for the fall semester.


University Housing
Housing accommodations are assigned to re-enrolling students on a space-available basis and are not guaranteed. Students interested in on-campus housing opportunities should contact Housing and Residence Life at 848-445-0750 to inquire about available space.

Student Accounting Services/Financial Aid
Students should contact Student Accounting Services or the Office of Financial Aid with questions regarding their term bill or financial aid.

Accommodation under ADA/Section 504
Students requiring accommodation should inform the campus coordinator of their re-enrollment.